Leverage responsible business through regulatory reporting excellence


Leverage responsible business through regulatory reporting excellence


In this blog series, we explore how the new banking regulations and reporting frameworks impact your financial institutions, and how the leaders can prepare themselves to navigate against the changes effectively.

Topic 1: Liquidity Coverage Ratio

Changes to the liquidity coverage ratio reporting put pressure on bank’s processes, people and technology. Find out in this blog about the LRC and see what will change in the coming year.

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Topic 2: The European Banking Authority’s new reporting framework: DPM 2.9

EBA’s frequent renewal of reporting frameworks and the accompanying DPM puts pressure on banks processes, data flows and the prudential reporting eventually. This article helps in understanding what DPM 2.9 is aiming for and identifies larger trends such as the continuous integration of risk and finance data.

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Topic 3: The new Definition of Default and its challenges

The banking industry is currently in the midst of implementing the new guidelines on the Definition of Default. This article will provide a brief overview of its challenges compared to other regulation, such as IFRS9 and Non-Performing Loans.

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Topic 4: The impact of COVID-19 on banking regulations

The banking industry has been struggling with implementing new regulations and policies. Due to COVID-19, some of the implementation deadlines have been postponed, so banks could focus on maintaining financial stability. This article will provide a brief overview of the extended deadlines and the importance of efficient use of time deferrals.

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Topic 5: Supervisory OSIs enable a thorough assessment of the bank

Both ECB and DNB perform on-site inspection (OSI) as part of their supervision on the banking sector. The combination of both off- and on-site supervision allows the supervisor to perform a thorough assessment of the bank and draft a detailed report. An OSI can be a challenging period, which starts right after the notification and request for information. How can OSI experiences help a bank to enhance the OSI process? How can an OSI be used to improve the bank’s business model?

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Topic 6: The rapid report rationalization framework for finance and risk reporting

Finance and risk departments struggle with preparing a large amount of reports which include mostly overlapping information. That is due to an organically grown number of stakeholders, KPIs and technologies being unaligned. This results in higher costs, as well as wrong and incoherent insights. In this article, we introduce the rapid report rationalization framework: a tested approach for rationalizing and standardizing finance and risk reporting.

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Topic 7: The New EBA Guidance on Loan Origination and Monitoring: lessons learned

The upcoming EBA Guidance on Loan Origination and Monitoring will definitely impact your institution. Now is the time to assess the status of the implementation of guidelines within your organisation, and start working towards a coherent implementation of the new loan origination and monitoring standards by 30 June 2021. What are the three main areas of potential areas?

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The Center of Excellence for Regulatory Reporting (CoE) is a virtual team centralising Deloitte’s Regulatory Reporting knowledge and helping clients to do responsible business by helping them with their regulatory reporting. In order to effectively support our banking clients in this complex regulatory environment, the CoE is founded to (i) stay on top of new developments in the field of regulatory reporting to support timely and appropriate data-driven-reporting solutions at financial institutions, (ii) support financial institutions by leveraging expert view of our international network on ad hoc queries regarding their regulatory reporting data and processes; and (iii) have teaming of professionals to combine expert knowledge in the field of regulatory reporting with strong data and implementation skills to ensure fit-for-purpose teams.

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