Looking forward to 2020: making privacy awareness fun


Looking forward to 2020: making privacy awareness fun

Introducing the Privacy Escape Room, creating privacy awareness within your organization

We’re now approaching 2020, which will mark two years since the enforcement of the GDPR. Many organizations are still struggling with moving beyond compliance and creating a privacy culture which adequately addresses human behavior within their organization. What if we told you that Deloitte has found a solution to boost privacy awareness which is not only educational but also massive fun? It is called the Privacy Escape Room and, in 2020, it could be hosted at your office!

Written by Allard Koers & Sabien van Gelderen

Data breaches and the issue of human behavior

Two years into the GDPR, the topic of handling data might be alive on board level, but is still lacking resonance at the workplace. Significant effort has been put in when it comes to being compliant with the GDPR. However, this effort does not automatically enhance the way employees behave when it comes to privacy related issues. In fact, there is room for improvement regarding this behavior. For example, employees often do not recognize personal data or its special categories and therefore handle this data in an improper way.

Human behavior also plays a significant role in worldwide data breaches. Recent events show how simple, innocuous behavior can lead to costly data breaches in many ways. For example, a Dutch hospital had to deal with a data breach after an employee used the back of a medical record as a shopping list. This is one of the many examples that show there are opportunities for improvement in creating privacy awareness.

Providing adequate training to shape behavior

It is, however, short-sighted and ineffective to blame employees and flood them with passive and instructional materials. Instead, we should focus on the ways in which we educate them about privacy in order to improve their behavior when it comes to privacy and data related subjects.

Past research has shown there is a variety of ways in which people are able to absorb information. Being activists, theorists, pragmatists or reflectors, we can learn by doing, focusing on theory, solving case-studies or by observing and reflecting upon situations. We all learn in different ways and have our personal preferences. In order to engage every employee, it is important to integrate a piece of every of these learning styles into their education. Furthermore, it has been proven that learning is a social phenomenon. People tend to learn most effectively when collectively solving problems. This has inspired us to create the newest service in our awareness portfolio: the Privacy Awareness Escape Room.

Deloitte’s Privacy Awareness Escape Room

Do you remember your last security or privacy training? Besides educational, did you find it inspiring, motivating and - did it stick? At Deloitte, we’ve created the Privacy Awareness Escape Room to create awareness around data protection that does just that. Participants in this game act as their company’s privacy experts responsible for notifying the privacy regulator about a personal data breach. Players will need to work as a team and are stimulated to communicate and cooperate in order to solve challenges. All challenges focus on privacy related topics and are relevant to all employees that process data in any way. Subjects are covered such as the GDPR, the concept of personal data, data retention, rights of individuals, data breaches and maintaining a processing record.

By bringing together relevant learning activities, practical exercises and group interaction with competitive elements, a unique and active learning experience is created. Combined with a debrief and short discussion at the end, the Privacy Escape Room provides an accessible, inspiring alternative to engage and motivate employees. Furthermore, it is suitable for every office environment and can be adjusted to the needs of your organization.

Are you looking for an effective and playful activity to empower your organization to create privacy awareness? Would you like to spice up International Privacy Day on January 28th, 2020? Join us!

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For more information about enhancing privacy awareness in your organization or our Privacy Awareness Escape Room, please contact Annika Sponselee or Carl Mattern via the contact details below.

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