Privacy as a business enabler


Privacy as a business enabler

From risks to opportunities

Privacy has become an important aspect of everyday life. This makes handling personal data in a responsible way a necessity for organizations. However, organizations deal with privacy in many different ways. Deloitte’s first privacy survey reflects on the use of personal data, privacy legislation and knowledge and awareness. To delve deeper into the underlying themes, we have spoken to a number of our client’s privacy professionals.

When talking to clients, we notice that they all want to use personal data in an effective way. More information is coming in on a daily basis, and in order to improve their product or services it is essential for organizations to store this personal data. With more data however, comes more responsibility. Organizations need to take privacy and security into account from the beginning of their processes. Because we are interested in our clients’ view on personal data and privacy, we have started this privacy survey.

Deloitte’s Privacy Research

In order to generate a first view of the current state of the privacy field, we asked privacy professionals some questions via a survey. To delve deeper into the underlying themes, we have also spoken with a number of our client’s privacy professionals. These insights from professionals combined with our Deloitte privacy strategy model, generated a number of topics:

  • The use of personal data. Organizations are aware that they need to optimize the use of personal data, which has made responsible personal data use a strategic topic. This also means that personal data is now seen as a primary process. In spite of this well-designed tooling for privacy is still lagging, so initiatives to build and improve these tools are needed.
  • Privacy legislation. With both the European Regulation in its final negotiation and the Dutch amendment to the data protection legislation on its way, many changes to privacy legislation are to be expected. We foresee that the introduction of new and changed legislation will be a huge driver for organizations to revise the way they deal with personal data.
  • Knowledge and awareness. It seems that awareness about privacy is growing slowly with all professionals, and that more specialists are gaining all kinds of perspectives to make privacy a business enabler.
Privacy as as business enabler

Privacy as business enabler

For more information on these topics and the full results from Deloitte’s first privacy survey, please download the report on Privacy as a business enabler. We hope you enjoy reading our analysis, and we trust the results help you in gaining valuable insights.

More information on privacy as a business enabler?

Do you want to know more on this study or privacy in general? Please contact Annika Sponselee at +31 610 999302 or Bart Witteman at +31 683330029.

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