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Responsible Business; Integrity Risk Assessments

What does your “integrity risk cockpit” look like?

As a Financial Institution you are increasingly expected to fulfill your role as a gatekeeper of the financial system by safeguarding the integrity of your company and your clients. Find out how automated risk-sensing and smart monitoring can help you act upon integrity risks as fast as your environment is changing.

New world, new solutions, new customers

The financial landscape is rapidly changing in terms of increased laws, regulations, and regulatory expectations. New FinTech and RegTech players enter the market which compete with traditional banking with new solutions. Consequently, a new kind of customer emerges due to new customer needs and expectations. This offers opportunities for new business and strategies. A changing financial landscape is accompanied by evolving integrity risks which should be identified, assessed and monitored in a systematic and ongoing  manner to stay ahead of the game. A traditional, more qualitative way of integrity risk assessment is therefore no longer sustainable.

Smart solution

Deloitte’s market-leading Integrity Risk Assessment solution uses both internal and external sources to continuously monitor risks related to for example mis-selling, tax evasion, fraud, money laundering and / or market manipulation. It applies data analytics, web scraping and social media monitoring to immediately respond to real-time integrity risks. This smart solution allows a practical and more quantitative and objective way of analyzing integrity risks and it enables you to focus on those integrity risks that really matters.

Digital intelligence – practical not theoretical

Technological change is a given. But knowing about it and acting on it are two very different propositions. Financial institutions gain data with respect to their customers, products and employees, they produce and maintain data and they can unlock data for analytical purposes. Besides this, external trends and developments cannot be ignored either. Analyzing external sources is extremely important to be able to predict and foresee oncoming risks. The key lies in “dashboarding” these internal and external data. The below video talks more about Deloitte’s data-driven solution to managing your integrity risks.

Video Responsible Business; Integrity Risk Assessments

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