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Responsibly leveraging cloud benefits


Cloud computing has reached a level of maturity and usefulness that many company executives never imagined. But the cloud also brings new risks. These need to be managed properly if an organisation wants to unlock the cloud’s full potential. In this blog series, we help you to stay in control—responsibly—while enjoying the benefits of the cloud.

Part 1: Securing your data in the Cloud

The adoption of cloud platforms bring forth many benefits, from scalability to cost savings. With this, organisations have significant repsonsibilities for the customer with regard to security. One of the top concerns at many levels of the organisation is security. Read more 

Without secure data controls to keep your data safe, your reputation and business goals are at stake. With secure data and responsibly-managed controls, you can truly leverage cloud benefits.

- Rob Stout, Partner Risk Advsiory

Securing your data in the cloud

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Part 2: Why the cloud should transform your business continuity management

We face unprecedented times and no one is sure what will happen next. That's why organizations are in critical need of strategic direction and business continuity. With its ability to scale to need, cloud can help. Read more

If you take cloud risks seriously, you should also make sure that responsible BCM is involved in your organisation’s cloud strategy.

– Danny Tinga, Director Risk Advisory.


Why the cloud should transform your BCM

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Part 3: Update your cloud knowledge today

90 percent of the cloud incidents are caused by misconfigured items that are end user responsibility. Update your cloud knowledge today and learn how to remain in control over your cloud environment. Read more

Updating your organisation’s cloud knowledge at all levels will not only help to prevent cloud incidents but will also allow your organisation to responsibly use the cloud’s full potential.

- Dave Klingens, Partner Risk Advsiory

Update your cloud knowledge today

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Part 4: Cloud can help compliying with GDPR

Data privacy is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to cloud computing. In this blog we explain how the cloud can help your organization responsibly manage the challenges around data privacy. Read more

It’s easier to comply with GDPR if you’re hosting customer data in the cloud, where data is better structured. 

- Jan-Jan Lowijs, Privacy Expert, Risk Advisory

Cloud can help compliying with GDPR

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Part 5: In control over your cloud environment

Although the cloud has many advantages over in-house IT infrastructure and traditional outsourcing services, they are only realized if you actually maintain control. In our final blog we explain how to stay in control over your cloud environment. Read more

Moving to the cloud is not 'just another project’: It’s an organisational transformation. If you want to enjoy the benefits of the cloud, and move to the cloud responsibly, you need to stay in control.

- Robbert van der Pol, Cloud Expert, Risk Advisory


In control over your cloud environment

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