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The revised Corporate Governance Code, one year later

Blog series

Over the last months we’ve been working on a corporate governance benchmarking study. We have examined the annual reports of 68 Dutch listed entities to determine how the first year of reporting the 2016 Code is handled. We have written a series of blogs on the most relevant topics of the Code: risk management and accountability, remuneration, (boardroom) diversity, corporate values and long-term value creation, as well as an infographic showing the different outcomes of our benchmark.

Written by Denise Valkering and Arlette Brouns, Senior Consultants Governance & Strategic Risk

A benchmark study of annual reports of Dutch listed companies

As the Code is principle based, we know from our own experience and those of our clients that applying it to your organization can be challenging. Therefore, our aim in conducting this benchmark study is to help management and supervisory boards learn from their peers and discover the many ways the Code may be applied. By sharing our knowledge we hope to engage in a dialogue with you on how corporate governance can enhance your business.

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Interested to see how Dutch listed companies apply all key elements of the 2016 Corporate Governance code? Every week a blog will be published that provides insight into how the application of the 2016 Code is accounted for. Please subscribe here to the series and receive a notification as soon as the next blog is available. Blog series: 

1 | Building trust through transparency

How much added value does the, often generic, In-control statement really have?

Read here.

2 | What do pay-ratios tell us about fairness of remuneration?

A balanced pay-ratio in Dutch listed companies seems a far cry from reality.

Read here.

3 | Do diversity targets really help to increase diversity in the board?

The male executive prevails in the Dutch boardroom, often not meeting gender diversity targets.

Read here on 21 August.

4 | ‘Corporate Values’: everyone has them, but what do we do with them?

Companies are struggling to convert Corporate Values into desired behavior.

Read here on 28 August.

5 | What do we mean with ‘long-term value creation’?

Long-term value creation: fad or fashion?

Read here on 4 August.

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Would you like to know how more about Deloitte’s vision on corporate governance, risk management, remuneration of the effectiveness of your board? Contact Arjan ten Cate, Director at Deloitte Risk Advisory. He specializes in the practical application of and reporting on the Dutch Corporate Governance Code.

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