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Risks in the Metaverse

Podcast series: Three minutes on Resilience & Trust

Tune in to the latest podcast episode of the series ‘Three minutes on Resilience & Trust’, where Tommie van der Bosch will share valuable insights about risks in the metaverse.

The metaverse: it really speaks to the imagination. But the idea of an alternative reality is no longer a speculative concept explored by tech visionaries in science fiction novels. After decades of technological progress, the metaverse is gaining momentum as an business opportunity with great disruptive potential. And as with every great opportunity, a new risk landscape must also be considered.

As there is no agreed-upon definition of what the metaverse is and technological improvements are ongoing, it is complicated to understand the concept and how to prevent your enterprise suffering from reputational damage by trust issues in or caused by the metaverse.

Tune in now to hear more about how we can help your organization to identify and mitigate the risks in the metaverse in a mindful, trustworthy and safe way.

Risks in the Metaverse

In this episode Tommie van der Bosch, Director of Digital Risk Solutions, shares his insights into Risks in the Metaverse.

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