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Sustainable Development Goals: a business perspective

Wrapping up the SDGs Blog Series

In June 2017 we started the Sustainable Development Goals Blog Series. This series includes 17 blogs that are entirely dedicated to each of the goals. Now, almost one year later, we wrap up the series with a booklet that includes all of our blogs.

Anne Huibrechtse-Truijens | 07-06-2018

Putting the SDGs in business perspective. That’s what we want to achieve with this blog series.

When the SDGs were first introduced I was very pleased but, quite honestly, did not immediately relate it to my corporate clients. I thought it would be mainly for governments to achieve these goals. Diving deeper into it, the relevance and dependency on business became apparent. Then the question became: How?

This became the leading question for our blog-series. With people from different disciplines, the process of discussing and writing began. I can tell you, it wasn’t easy. Because we balanced between idealism (which contributes greatly to creativity) and realism (which our clients may also expect from us). I think we found a good balance between these two. The commitment and hard work of all team members was crucial for achieving the series and this book.

Therefore I want to thank Erica, Helen, Jacqueline, Jasmijn, Jennifer, Linda, Michiel and Robbin-Jan for their fantastic writing, reviewing and support. I respect them for their absolute devotion to create this, next to their demanding jobs.

We hope to inspire you with this series to see the SDGs as something you can integrate in your daily work. By showing inspiring examples and creating practical applications for everyone within reach.

SDGs: A business perspective

Sustainable Development Goals Blog Series

Would you like to read all our blogs separately? Please visit our Sustainable Development Blog Series Overview Page. In these blogs you will find more information about each SDG, why it is important for your organisation to contribute to the achievement of it, and specific examples of how you can do that.

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