Security Quickscan


Security Quickscan

Discover security vulnerabilities in your digital environment

Media attention on hacking scandals has risen substantially over the last few years. Hackers make use of vulnerabilities in your digital to gain access to sensitive data or disturb the availability of services. Protecting yourself against this can be a difficult process. To get you started, Deloitte now offers the Security Quickscan. In just 60 seconds you will receive a 100% fact-based report of the scan of your IP Address or website.

The online Security Quickscan provides you with an initial understanding of the vulnerabilities in your digital environment and gives recommendations you can execute to improve your security. During the scan only use of publicly available information from your online environment (website) is used. No hacking is involved in this Security Quickscan.

The security report offers a clear and structured overview of well-known vulnerabilities in your digital environment with a focus on:

  • Configuration

    An insecure configuration can lead to vulnerabilities that are accessible to anyone with an Internet connection;
  • Connection

    An insecure connection to your environment may allow attackers to intercept or manipulate (sensitive) communication with your environment;
  • Files

    Obsolete files that are available on your environment can contain technical or sensitive information about your environment;
  • Administrative interfaces

    Administrative interfaces that are accessible to anyone with an Internet connection can be abused by hackers to obtain access to your environment.

The report will give you insights into well-known vulnerabilities and associated exposures within your digital environment. Please note, that this is not a full security test. Our online Security Quickscan offers a first understanding of these vulnerabilities.

For a complete overview of your vulnerabilities we advise you to perform a full security test on your digital environment via

Security Quickscan

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