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Find out why organisations need to reconsider their security strategy to ensure that their workforce thrives in a complex world of uncertainty.

Contrary to common belief, Resilience & crisis management is not primarily about your organisation’s ability to respond here and now.  More than anything, resilience is about being ready for whatever the future brings. Everyone understands that the human factor, your employees, play a crucial role in achieving resilience; however a proactive approach around security and what that means for your (future) workforce, most of the time seems absent.

The Deloitte Resilience, Crisis & Reputation team of experts are pleased to share their point of view on this particular topic in Security and the new generation workforce (abstract below), which has been included the new publication International Security Management, new solutions to complexity

We are proud contributors to this publication, which includes multiple important insights on various security challenges written by some of the best experts and thought leaders in the field of security.


A new generation workforce is seen to be changing the nature of work at a rapid pace. This new workforce differs from older generations as they are tech-savvy, prioritise flexibility and perceive their jobs as ways to reinvent themselves. In response, the idea of a ‘9-to-5’ job has been declared obsolete by many leading companies and replaced by flexible working policies and remote and virtual office environments. Both public as well as private organisations are seen to be looking for new paths to staff talent, coordinate teams and provide attractive working environments. Yet, what is often overlooked is the security implications of this new workforce. Our research found that security policies and procedures in organisations often do not include a specific approach towards the new generation workforce despite the unique set of risks that accompanies their way of working. We argue that organisations need to reconsider their security strategy to ensure that their workforce thrives in a complex world of uncertainty. By integrating security as an employee service, making security awareness experience-based and putting employee engagement at the centre, risks are not only mitigated but new opportunities for a more safe and secure workforce can be seized.


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