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Skip the queues: Access the Dutch (EU) market as financial institution

The Netherlands as new hosting country after Brexit

Within a year, Brexit will be a fact and therefore, many financial institutions are looking for a new hosting country in the EU. The Netherlands is worth considering as it is the gateway to Europe. Deloitte can help with a smooth market access without disrupting your business.


The UK is scheduled to depart the EU at 11pm UK time on Friday 29 March, 2019. Regardless whether you agree or disagree on this departure, Brexit is happening. It is bound to have implications for most companies, with the financial industry being amongst the sectors that will experience the most significant impact. As many financial institutions currently use the UK as a springboard to the EU, they will have to look for new EU hosting country. If you are pondering various locations, why not consider the Netherlands?

Skip the queues: Access the Dutch (EU) market as financial institution

The Netherlands as your opportunity

There are many reasons for choosing the Netherlands as your new location: it has a fast and efficient infrastructure and great socio-economic conditions. Geographically small, the Netherlands is one of the bigger economies in the world and it has much to offer. For example a global center for financial logistics, including strongly developed financial services and great knowledge of different financial industries. The Netherlands has an all-round and innovative financial sector with a mature regulatory environment and a tendency towards risk-based regulations. More reasons include:

  • Strategic location: the gateway to Europe
  • An attractive tax regime
  • A highly educated, multilingual and flexible workforce
  • An international business environment
  • Fair, predictable and high-quality supervisors: the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) & the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM)
Brexit - European Union

What steps to take…

If you choose the Netherlands, it is paramount to be aware of the challenges arising when entering into an unknown market. A new country, a new customer base, new shareholders perhaps, a new set of regulatory processes, supervisory bodies, a need for proper funding and so on. Although your organization already has a regulatory license in the UK, this can be the right moment to assess your regulatory framework and see whether it is still aligned with your business objectives. Moreover, there are some deviations between the UK and the Netherlands when it comes to regulatory requirements. The Dutch Central Bank (DNB) for example expects financial institutions to conduct a Systematic Integrity Risk Analysis (SIRA).

Our vision and approach

Deloitte has a four-step view on realizing your business strategy in the Netherlands and beyond. This can be adjusted according to your situation and specific wishes.

  1. Strategy
  2. Market Entry
  3. Build and Launch
  4. EU Scale-up

More information?

For more information on our vision and approach please download the brochure or contact Martin Eleveld, Pieter van Doorn or Maria van Duijvenbode via their contact details below.

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