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Insights on responsible business

Sustainable business is the future, and thus we discuss this topic extensively within our podcast series. Tune in and enjoy a selection of the top episodes that evolve around sustainability, enriching you with insights from business leaders.

How sustainable finance can power a green revolution

Our guest is Daniel Hanna, Global Head of Sustainable Finance at Standard Chartered Bank. Rob and Daniel talk about the growing role of the finance sector in enabling a more sustainable future for business. They talk about the challenges in mobilizing capital and industry buy-in, of wider sustainability trends in business, and of the issues raised by greenwashing.


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ESG at the heart of business strategy and growth

Our guest is Márcia Balisciano, Global Head of Corporate Responsibility at RELX. Rob and Márcia talk about how RELX has become a global leader in adopting the ESG agenda at the core of business strategy and priorities, and the role played by data and analytics in advancing the wider cause.


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The role of business in shaping the next normal

Our guest is Punit Renjen, the Global CEO of Deloitte. Punit talks to Rob about the profound impact of the pandemic on the global business community in 2020 and the lessons to be learned in shaping the next normal. They also discuss how putting purpose at the heart of your business is the key to long-term success.


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Taking bold risks in business to build a sustainable future

Our guest is Steve Howard, a leading business professional and recognized authority on sustainability. Steve and Rob talk about how we can make sustainability a core business driver, one that delivers on the bottom line around a strong, clear purpose. Steve talks about the importance of taking bold risks and failing fast, through disrupting your own legacy business systems. On meeting the challenge of climate change he’s a possibilist, in his own words. Are you too?


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How the World Economic Forum is driving a global agenda of responsible business

Our guest is Alois Zwinggi, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum. Rob and Alois talk about the emergence of a new ‘zeitgeist’ in the global business community around purpose-driven leadership and impact. They discuss the changing role of the iconic Davos gathering of business and political leaders each year and the response of the global community to COVID-19.


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Our host Rob Wainwright talks with business leaders and experts about their experiences in charting a new direction towards commercial success and greater societal impact.

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