The Aftermath of Schrems II


The Aftermath of Schrems II

Implications, insights and expectations for the future

Do you transfer personal data to the US? Are you scrambling with the consequences of Schrems II, for example the new Transfer Impact Assessments requirement in your SCCs? What should you expect in the future, especially in light of the pending Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework? Find out more about the implications, insights and future expectations of Schrems II in our White Paper!

Two years ago, the European Court of Justice published the Schrems II decision, a complete gamechanger for organizations dealing with international data transfers, specifically transfers to the US.

How has Schrems II impacted your business?
Schrems II has had significant impact on the collection, storage and sharing of personal data by European organizations with third countries. Due to the various implications and interpretations of the judgement, it can be challenging for organizations to fully understand and manage the practical implications of Schrems II on their business - navigating the interpretations and challenges brought forth by the decision, anticipating the future of international data transfers as well as determining a way forward to approach Schrems II compliance effectively.

Schrems II explained
To help you navigate the post Schrems II data protection landscape and to prepare you for the coming deadline for updated Standard Contractual Clauses on the 27th of December, The Deloitte Privacy & Digital Ethics Team has written an extensive white paper. In this white paper, we discuss the aftermath of Schrems II by examining its implications, potential future legal developments, steps taken by authorities to enforce Schrems II as well as our experience as Deloitte professionals in helping organizations with compliance of their international data transfers. Read the full Paper (link next to this article) to know more on how to make your Schrems II efforts a pleasant experience.

The Aftermath of Schrems II
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