The balance between identification and authentication


The balance between identification and authentication

The digital identity evolution

There currently is a disbalance between identification and authentication. We authenticate continuously online but we still rely on a one-time physical identification. We envision a fading need to identify ourselves, where attributes will become the determining factor in all transactions. Ready for a journey through the evolution of digital identities?

Digital identity - keeping up with exponential growth

Technology is developing exponentially, and the human brain is not wired to grasp the effects of exponential growth. We can imagine taking 30 steps linearly, which will take us roughly 25 meters down the road, but not taking 30 steps exponentially, which will land us on the moon. What will this imply for areas such as artificial intelligence and robotics? We don’t know, but we can sure try to peek into that future and ponder, how the role of digital identity will evolve.

Less paper and physical means

The digital identity will enable us to continue to grow in this pace, where less paper and physical means will be used in daily life. Everything, every form of transaction and of data collection is, or will be, done digitally. Even traditional passports can be part of a digital world by the use of chips that are placed inside the document. Thanks to the chips, passports can be tracked or even delivered with a drone. Waiting in the office in a huge line to pick up the document belongs to the past.

Trust in the digital world

In real life we have created a structure to cooperate with and trust each other. For instance, our signature or passport is considered as a means to prove our identity: that we are who we say we are. Now we are converting this to the digital world to create a form of trust. Is a signature still the proper instrument to verify that we are who we say we are? How can we identify ourselves with a passport in a digital world? And do we really need to fully identify ourselves or is it possible to just reveal parts of our identity? Download the Point of View to take the digital identity journey with us, and find out the different ways to identify ourselves.

Digital Identity Evolution

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