€ 50,000 for the best prototypes at the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon


The faces behind the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon

Pre-hackathon - Maastoren in Rotterdam

On 10-12 february, 2017 the largest European blockchain hackathon took place in Groningen, and Deloitte was one of its partners. Earlier, participants, the organisation, partners and other interested parties came together in the Maastoren in Rotterdam. Who are the people who participated in the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon​ and what was their motivation?

Dries Wijnen & Francis Foubert

“We both study Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Vlerick Business School in Leuven and as part of the Vlerick start-up accelerator we got the opportunity to found our own startup. We asked ourselves; what are current problems in society and which new technology could possibly hold the solution to these problems? We came up with the construction industry in which a lot of companies are going bankrupt because of payment defaults”, says Dries.

“We believe blockchain could provide the solution to this problem. Our idea is to create a platform that works as follows: if the contractor and the client both indicate that a certain part of the construction has been completed, the blockchain can be programmed to automatically pay out the corresponding part of the payment. This way the contractor is sure to be paid on time and it cuts out the middleman.”

Francis explains that they are participating in the hackathon primarily because they want to kickstart the platform: “the actual development of the platform will take place in Groningen and we are keenly looking for a technical teammember to push us further.”

Judith Huynen

“I recently completed a course at MIT where my idea involving digital identities, Know Your Customer/Anti-Money-Laundering regulations, and blockchain technology was selected as a capstone project. I am hoping to put that idea in motion and develop this during the hackathon. I believe we are on the brink of a fourth industrial revolution of which technology will be one of the driving forces. For me blockchain will offer transparency on a scalable level. My idea could be described as a repository of digital identities, and the goal is to put identity ownership back in the hands of the people. Currently this is definitely not the case on the internet. My expertise in project management and financial regulation will offer the expertise to help grow my idea from concept to creation. I am looking for skilled teammates to help develop this idea.”

Jeroen Rijnbout & Daan Kleiman

“At the hackathon we might be the odd ones out”, says Jeroen. “We both work at Bitonic at which we provide bitcoins to customers in an accessible manner. This means we work with blockchain technology on a daily basis."

Daan adds; “We are happy to participate and look for solutions to the issues presented at the hackathon from a bitcoin-point of view. It is very motivating to work on use-cases that have actual added value in practice. With our knowledge and skills regarding bitcoin we look at things from a different angle than most others. We think that it is important that we look at blockchain from a bitcoin perspective and not the other way around. We also look to explore what is happening in the market and how we can learn from that at Bitonic but also on a personal level.”

“Also, this event is something you definitely do not want to miss out on”, Daan concludes.

Blockchain Hackathon 2018

On April 5 - 8 2018, the second edition of the largest blockchain hackathon in the world will take place in Digital City Groningen, The Netherlands. Over 600 people will join from over 20 countries. The hackathon is organized by DutchChain and supported by Deloitte. On March 7th we will facilitate the pre-hackathon at Deloitte Rotterdam in the Maastoren to get the teams ready for the big event.


Read more about the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon on: https://blockchaingers.org/. If you have any further questions, please contact Jacob Boersma via JBoersma@deloitte.nl or +31 (0)88 288 2069.

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