The Future of Cyber Survey 2019

Cyber is everywhere. You can succeed anywhere.

Cyber is getting bigger as the world becomes smaller. Cyber is moving in multiple dimensions across multiple disciplines. It is at the center of digital transformation. To be successful in this new era, organizations should embrace a 'cyber everywhere' reality. The fourth industrial revolution is driving change and digitization at an exciting pace. New technologies are disrupting traditional ways of doing business, new markets are being created, and with every innovation the world becomes more and more digitally connected.

As the world becomes smaller, cyber is getting bigger, and it’s moving in multiple dimensions across multiple disciplines—beyond an organization’s walls and IT environments and into the products it creates, the factories where it makes them, the spaces where its employees conceive them, and where its customers use them. It is at the center of digital transformation. Understanding that is as transformative as cyber itself—and to be successful in this new era, organizations should embrace a “cyber everywhere” reality. From the results of this survey, Enterprise leadership are being called to align their priorities and work in concert to drive core business objectives. Cyber is everyone’s responsibility.

Why the Future of Cyber Survey?

Deloitte Cyber conducted the Future of Cyber Survey among 500 C-level executives who have visibility to and responsibility for cybersecurity in companies with at least $500 million in annual revenue to gain insights into how these leaders are embracing the concept of “cyber everywhere"—how they are operating in the new cyber norm and how they are collaborating with partners and other key stakeholders. As one of the leading and largest cybersecurity risk advisory practices globally, our team of more than 4,000 cyber risk professionals continues to walk alongside leading global organizations to help them more confidently plan and execute an integrated cyber strategy that empowers business growth through transformative innovation. The goal of this survey report is to put the numbers into context and to expand the dialogue and acceptance of cyber everywhere so that organizations are not limited by it but empowered to embrace the opportunities it will create. 

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