The future of risk


The future of risk

New game, new rules

The risk landscape is changing fast. Every day’s headlines bring new reminders that the future is on its way, and sometimes it feels like new risks and response strategies are around every corner. So what should leaders prepare for? Our 'future of risk' report files 10 trends.

What new opportunities and challenges should organizational leaders prepare for when it comes to risk? Deloitte has released our report on 'The future of risk' in which we profile 10 trends that have the potential to significantly alter the risk landscape for companies around the world.

What you’ll see in this report is that risk’s onset and consequences, and the entire nature of the risk discipline, are evolving. With this the strategic conversation around risk is changing too. For leaders today, risk can be used as a tool to create value and achieve higher levels of performance. It’s no longer something to only fear, minimize, and avoid.


Looking at risk from three angles

We will look at risk through the use of three themes. First, how are organizations' responses to risk changing? There are many development that influence not only how we manage risk, but also how we make decisions regarding the topic.

Second, how are the consequences of risk for organizations changing? High-risk innovation is being rewarded, making risk a performance enabler when it is handled correctly.

Third, how is the onslaught of risk changing? The constant threat of disruption and our hyper-connected world force executives to make significant strategic choices to drive organizational success.

A further explanation of these topics and the trends that accompany them can be found in our report on 'The future of risk' which can be downloaded now.


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