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The role of business in shaping the next normal

Insights on responsible business podcast

Listen to business leaders discuss their challenges and experiences in becoming more responsible businesses, towards an outcome that is better for all stakeholders, better for long term shareholder value and better for society as a whole.

Building trust, security and resilience

Over complementary episodes the discussions about becoming responsible businesses will be led by our special host Sir Rob Wainwright, formerly Executive Director of Europol, and a senior partner of Deloitte with a career-long experience of navigating complex risk and security issues.

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The role of business in shaping the next normal

Sir Rob Wainwright and Punit Renjen

Our guest is Punit Renjen, the Global CEO of Deloitte. Punit talks to Rob about
the profound impact of the pandemic on the global business community in 2020 and the lessons to be learned in shaping the next normal. They also discuss how putting purpose at the heart of your business is the key to long-term success.

Punit Renjen has led Deloitte since 2015, transforming it into the largest and most successful professional services firm in the world. Today it operates in 150 countries with more than 300,000 people.


Our future is not pre-ordained. We have the ability to confront the issue and come out in the best possible way.

                                                          — Punit Renjen —


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