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The Security Awareness Escape Room

Combining fun and awareness

Do you remember your last security training? Besides educational, did you find it inspiring, motivating and - did it stick? Deloitte’s Cyber Escape Room raises participants awareness on cyber security and privacy basics in an interactive way through gamification. It provides you a unique method to raise security awareness among your employees.

How does it work?

To foster awareness around cyber security and privacy, Deloitte has developed a serious learning experience in the form of an Cyber Escape Room game. Participants are invited to solve 7 challenges within 20 minutes to complete the game. In the scenario, participants are asked to unlock a laptop that is infected by malicious hackers with ransomware, to safeguard important company data. The Cyber Escape Room is designed for teams of up to 6 participants per round. In total, this will allow 96 participants to play the game per day.

The Cyber Escape Room was developed to be robust and portable. It can be set up in any meeting room or open area, since it requires little more than a table, a video screen and a trash can. Furthermore, if offers an ideal opportunity for your security or privacy team to build a relationship with their audience.

What content is available?

All challenges test participants on their security knowledge and teach secure behavior. The challenges cover the following security subjects:

  • Phishing mails
  • Data classification
  • Social Engineering
  • Secure passwords
  • Secure Wi-Fi use
  • Secure device handling
  • Data sharing
  • Dumpster diving

Other than our Security Awareness Escape Room, we have designed a Privacy Escape Room that focuses on privacy and GDPR related awareness and includes:

  • The concept of personal data
  • Normal versus special categories of personal data
  • Data retention periods
  • Rights of individuals
  • Data breaches
  • Maintaining a processing record
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Depending on your organization’s (branding) preferences, the game and challenges can be customized to highlight your priorities.

What do we offer?

We offer the Escape Room in two forms:     

  • Escape Room as a service
    A Deloitte facilitator will set up, run and reset the room in any location and run the game for as many days as required.
  • Escape Room as a product
    We provide you with all it requires to run the Escape Room yourself, including training your facilitators to run the game, customization of the branding, technical support and tailoring the game to your security awareness needs.

How can I get in touch?

Contact Carl Mattern via the contact details below or send your request to our team at

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