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The value of co-creation with clients

Creating solutions together

Last month, the Garage opened its door to serve as Deloitte’s workspace for innovation, co-creation and development of disruptive solutions. The Garage maintains its industrial and rough ‘workshop’ character, reflecting the environment of what was once the iconic Citroën garage. In the maker space there are tools for rapid prototyping, in the war rooms the smart glass becomes opaque at the touch of a button, teams scribble down their thoughts on the chalkboards and behind the steel doors we take over the room to co-create a new blockchain service with our client.

By Anna Klapwijk | June 21, 2019

What value does co-creation bring?

To be able to address the more dynamic and complex problems arising in the world and markets, new methods have adopted approaches that are more flexible, rather than the traditional linear processes. Design, implementation and management methods are becoming more agile and focus on continuous integration of insights and reaction to changing market conditions. By involving your client, their customers and other stakeholders, in the process of co-creating solutions there is a constant input of (user)data that allows for an iterative and human-centered process. By pulling the client into the design and development process and making them part of the conversation, unexpected ideas emerge, making them co-owner of the product throughout the process. When done right the product shapes itself to fit the needs and desires of users better, thus increasing the chance of success in the market.

Our experience at the Garage

Together with a large financial institution the DRS Blockchain Team co-developed a secure custody solution for blockchain based digital assets. The complexity started with the technical architecture, which was based on secure storage of private keys on HSMs (hardware security modules). On top of that, from a business perspective there is a lot of uncertainty around the developments of the market and the need for specialized, yet global partners with whom to set up a consortium. Finally, input from client has been key in defining what the exact features for the product need to be.

By working closely together with people from the Blockchain Strategy & Tech teams, Cyber, Consulting Technology, Digital and Legal teams, we were able to fully integrate with the team of the client and deliver a holistic solution. We worked together on a daily basis in interactive sessions to develop a product that is fundamental to the growth of the digital assets market.

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A creative environment to sprout the best ideas

At the Garage we experienced an environment where we were actively engaged to challenge, drill down and rework that product we were working on. Most days we occupied one of the war rooms, undertaking our own fight with the development of this product. Besides creating a service that is focused on real market needs, it provided a fun and creative way of working together.

Join us at the Garage!

The Garage has been launched as the new co-creating space of Deloitte, and office for Deloitte Digital. Created to be an ultimate makerspace it provides an environment to ‘think outside the box’, work out new business propositions and co-create the next big thing in the market!

Would you like to join us at the Garage? Please contact Anna Klapwijk or Joep Arends via the contact details below.

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