Unlocking the value of Corporate Values

How Ethics powers performance

It is sometimes forgotten how effective corporate values can be and how they can contribute in realizing the corporate strategy and the corporate goals. We are well aware that corporate values are not static and therefore should be subject to revision and be kept up to date. But how do you measure the effectiveness of your corporate values?

Corporate leaders expect their employees to act in line with the corporate values, each and every day. However, knowing and assessing your Corporate Values is not about the risk of fear of non-compliance. So why continue emphasizing the disadvantages of ignoring Corporate Values when you should utilize the benefits? Knowing the effectiveness of your Corporate Values increases ethical consciousness, which powers your corporate performance. Our new publication takes a look at how Corporate Values could be utilized and measured. Are the employees capable of adopting the Corporate Values?

Unlocking the value of Corporate Values

The benefits of well-designed and embedded Corporate Values

To get your Corporate Values deeply embedded in all layers of your organization, they should be designed in conjunction with your corporate strategy, widely supported and recognized by all stakeholders. Do not ignore the value of sophisticated Corporate Values and how they can contribute to the following essentials to power your corporate performance.
Well-designed and embedded Corporate Values contribute to a:

  • High corporate reputation
  • Enhanced focus on core business
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Substantial degree of pride among employees
  • Better talent onboarding
  • Solid compliance program


Measuring the effectiveness of Corporate Values

What does your ‘Ethics temperature’ look like? A question that is not always easy to answer. However, your company has a broader variety of useful corporate data than you think. A sophisticated and smart analysis of these data, including “weak signals”, provides you with insights that were not disclosed before. Our observations and recommendations from this analysis help to strengthen your Corporate Values and to live them even more.

Unlocking the value of Corporate Values

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