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Cryptography & Quantum Security

Responsible cyber security in the quantum era - towards a resilient and secure organization

Deloitte’s quantum security & cryptography services address complex challenges, enable clients to perform better and build more secure futures.

Why quantum security and cryptography is more relevant than ever and you need to take action now

Quantum computing is expected to bring a significant shift in the way we process and analyze data. Quantum computers have the potential to perform certain calculations exponentially faster than classical computers, which could lead to breakthroughs and business opportunities in many fields.

However, quantum computers also bring about a significant threat to existing cryptographic systems, which could become obsolete. This could have a major impact on all organizations, as cryptography is deeply engrained in the way we protect our digital society.

Therefore, organizations need to start preparing now for the quantum era by evaluating the impact of this new technology on their infrastructure and develop a mitigation plan. In some cases, quantum technologies can also provide enhanced security. By taking action now, organizations can stay ahead of the curve and be ready to take advantage of the potential benefits of quantum computing while also mitigating its risks.

Responsible Cyber Security in the Quantum Era

The importance of cryptography in having a resilient and secure organization


Deloitte understands your challenges and opportunities. We offer multiple services that are tailored to your specific business needs, with the aim of preparing you for a secure and successful future.

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  • Quantum & cryptography transformation
  • Machine Identity (PKI) transformation
  • High value key management

Why Deloitte

Expertise and experience

Our team consists of experienced professionals who have deep knowledge and expertise in quantum computing and cryptography. They have worked on various projects, and their experience covers a wide range of industries, including financial services, healthcare and government.

Holistic approach

We take a holistic approach to quantum and cryptography transformation. We help clients to identify and assess the risks and opportunities of quantum computing and develop a comprehensive strategy to address them.

Collaborative Partnership

We work in close collaboration with our clients to achieve their goals. We listen to the clients’ needs and work with them to develop a customized approach that fits the specific requirements. Our clients are involved at every stage of the transformation process, from strategy development to implementation and beyond.


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Marc Verdonk


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Itan Barmes

Specialist Leader

Itan leads the cryptography and quantum security capability at the cyber team of Deloitte NL, and a project fellow at the World Economic Forum. His team focuses on the various aspects of cryptography ... More