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Environmental and Social Impact platform

Turn your net-zero efforts into verifiable impact

Elevate your sustainability claims with our Environmental and Social Impact (ESI) platform. Sidestep greenwashing with our blockchain-powered integrity, ensuring every environmental initiative is validated. Our digital MRV system guarantees that your responsible strategies are not just promises but proven impacts that meet regulatory standards. Embrace verifiable sustainability with us – your reputation depends on it!

Are you tired of the uncertainty and risks associated with greenwashing and unsubstantiated sustainability claims? Step into the world of verifiable impact with our Environmental and Social Impact (ESI) platform. With blockchain technology at its core, you can be assured that your company's environmental data is accurate and verifiable, protecting your reputation and ensuring legal and revenue security.

Overcoming environmental and social challenges

In the crucial quest for conservation, your organization faces daunting challenges. Reputational harm, legal complexities, and financial repercussions can arise from unverified environmental practices. Consumers and investors are increasingly discerning, seeking companies that demonstrate genuine responsibility. Our ESI platform is the bridge over these troubled waters, offering a solution steeped in integrity and transparency.

Our solution

We have invested in developing a blockchain-based Environmental & Social Impact platform. Our ESI platform uses an integrated DLT infrastructure, integrity mechanisms, and impact MRV products to validate and prove your sustainability impact claims with complete reliability and ensure compliance with responsible business strategies.

Our solutions are harmonized with Sustainable Development Goals and adhere strictly to ESG, CSRD, SFDR, and Digital Product Passport regulations. By partnering with us, you're not just meeting compliance standards; you're actively contributing to a global movement for sustainable development.

Case in action: Mangrove Reforestation
Our inaugural blueprint project, the Mangrove Reforestation, demonstrates our commitment to this cause. By teaming up with the Ryan de Jongh Charity Foundation to reforest mangroves in the Dutch Caribbean, Deloitte colleagues in the Netherlands are helping to create a sustainable and social legacy. Our platform meticulously measures and verifies the environmental contributions of your projects, utilizing cutting-edge tools like Decentralized Identity, satellite imagery, and advanced modelling. Experience a new standard in environmental accountability, and see the tangible benefits of your efforts.
Read more about it here.

How we work: Tailoring Impact measurement to your vision

At Deloitte, we understand that measuring the impact of a client project is not one-size-fits-all. Our process begins with a thorough alignment with your company's mission and vision, ensuring that our efforts resonate with your core values, principles, and customer base.

Working closely with clients and subject matter experts, we craft bespoke methodologies to measure project impact effectively. Recognizing that not all metrics need immediate tracking, we collaboratively design a scalable roadmap. This approach allows for comprehensive coverage across multiple dimensions that matter to your company, its clients, and other stakeholders.

Customized solutions through collaboration

Our tailored solutions are further refined by setting clear, value-driven goals in sync with your company's aspirations. We delve into your organizational structure to guarantee that impact measurement permeates every layer of your entity. Moreover, we provide dedicated training and support, equipping your team with a deep understanding of the methodologies and procedures involved.

Leveraging the Hedera Network

Deloitte leverages the Hedera Hashgraph network, a cutting-edge distributed ledger platform renowned for its efficiency and security. The Hedera Guardian stands as a modular, open-source Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) solution that harnesses the potential of the Hedera blockchain. By enabling transparent, auditable, and traceable transactions, we offer an unparalleled level of assurance in impact measurement.

Connect with us

ESI by Web3 Deloitte is more than a platform - it's a partnership. We're dedicated to closing the credibility gap in environmental responsibility. Connect with us to learn how our ESI platform can validate the real impact of your projects, and let's do responsible business together. Your environmental vision, our innovative technology - a match for measurable, meaningful progress.


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