Hacking as a Service

Attacks on websites are a regular occurrence. Many times this leads to a leak of your company's confidential information. You can protect your organisation from this by using security scans. These, however, are usually only a yearly scan, while criminals are constantly trying to find new ways to hack your organization in an ever-changing online environment.

How Deloitte can help you

Our solution Hacking as a Service helps you to do business online while staying safe. You can sign up for a subscription; we then do a periodical check of the security of your online assets. With Hacking as a Service you can make optimal use of everything the internet has to offer, while still being sure that your online assets are safe. For more possibilities, you can also find information on our Hacking as a Service website.

Why Deloitte?

  • Deloitte has a large team of ethical hacking experts to test your online environment.
  • Your infrastructure and applications are checked periodically, meaning you are no longer dependent on one test.
  • When new vulnerabilities are found within software product your organisation uses, we immediately check for any intruders and apply patches.
  • Our combined use of tooling and experienced professionals adds value to our service: our team thinks the same way hackers do.
  • We offer a yearly report including an analysis of all test results of the entire year and trends we see.
  • Hacking as a Service can help you to comply with legislation, such as the WBP and the DigiD-assessment.
  • You have a continuous insight in our findings through our Security Dashboard.
  • Your monthly costs will be low and predictable, as opposed to other tests available.

All these aspects enable you to do your business online while feeling secure. We offers you the tools you need to act quickly in order to create a safe online environment for yourself.


Coen Steenbeek

Coen Steenbeek

Senior Manager

I’m a senior manager with a strong technical background. Within Deloitte Risk Advisory I work in the Managed Cyber Risk Services team, and I am responsible for the services we deliver from the Cyber I... Meer

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