Identity & Access Management (IAM)


Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Securing an identity is inevitable for every (business) transaction

Securing an identity is inevitable for every (business) transaction. Internally for your employees and externally towards users, customers and suppliers. How is your company dealing with Identity and Access Management (IAM)? Having over a decade of experience in Identity Management, Deloitte helps businesses and governments with a variety of IAM services.

Your challenge

Due to place-independent commerce it has become a necessity to identify your (online) customer. Due to business requirements for providing smooth, timely and correct access to information it is an equal important necessity to identify your employees, contractors and business partners. Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides both, however in a myriad of different and complex solutions.

Due to the merge of traditional Identity & Access Management (IAM) services like access control and account management towards creating customer relevance enabled by Identity Management, key challenges arise. Challenges like businesses and governments that need to align legacy systems with future proof cloud or federated solutions to provide services to their customers.

In addition this will bring up several key questions to be answered by your company:
  • What is Identity Management and why is it relevant for my consumers and businesses?
  • How do I align my IAM processes with our organization’s tactical business objectives?
  • What is a future-proof target operating model (TOM) for IAM?
  • What is for my company IAM good enough? Should I strive for a world class-IAM?
  • To what extend will regulation (e.g. AML, Data Protection, eIDAS) impact my business? How can IAM be the enabler for coming digital transformation?

In order to adapt to all the upcoming changes and developments, it is crucial to define an integrated approach for your internal IAM for your employees and external Identity Management towards you customers and prospects.

Why Deloitte?

Deloitte has extensive experience in working for corporates and governments on the topic of IAM and we keep a keen eye on the developments that occur locally and globally. In the coming years the market will drastically change due to regulatory demands and changing business needs.

We offer a full-service approach where all aspects of internal IAM and external Identity Management are covered:
  • Strategy & governance (e.g. enterprise (growth) strategy, customer recognition & big data, project & program management)
  • Design & architecture (e.g. operating model, solution design, policies and frameworks)
  • Tactical implementation (e.g. role & workflow management, access & account management, federation & cloud)
  • Reporting & assessment (e.g. audit, monitoring, reporting optimization)

With its worldwide network Deloitte combines IAM expertise with adjacent services like security and privacy to provide you with an integrated approach.

Our solution

Your company can benefit of an integrated approach for internal IAM and external Identity Management.

We have listed non-exhaustive selection of projects that demonstrate our results:
  • Strategic market analysis for a leading Scandinavian Identity Provider as foundation for their international expansion strategy. 
  • Deloitte assisted a large Consumer Electronics Manufacturer with identifying the business and functional requirements for the new IAM solution, supported the creation and approval of the IAM business case and defined use-cases for the new IAM application to make sure it suited the changing organizational environment.
  • A Dutch International Bank required designs for the future IAM landscape in which the legacy IAM environments have to be replaced by 1 single IAM environment.
  • At a large hospital we implemented a strong authentication solution to protect access to (sensitive) data when accessed from an external location. This solution needed to be available for all employees of the hospital.
Identity & Access Management (IAM)


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