Regulatory Compliance


Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Risk

The current complex regulatory landscape, in combination with evolving digitisation of the business models of many organisations, requires that compliance solutions in organisations transform significantly. Deloitte can help you implement solutions by using a data-driven and risk-based approach of regulatory compliance that focuses on enabling business instead of restricting it with additional procedures and rules.

Your challenge

The cluttered regulatory landscape, in combination with evolving digitisation of the business models of many organisations, makes it harder to be compliant. Most organisations handle this by extending their compliance function and/or a rule-based business implementation, which is a very costly exercise. That is why you are interested in ways to improve the efficiency of existing compliance frameworks and business implementation, while at the same time becoming better in preventing the need for regulatory response.

In this approach the business and its behaviour form the starting point. You want to stay away from implementing more strict rules and procedures that can paralyse your organisation. We call this approach of regulatory compliance Compliance 3.0. 

Our solution

Based on Compliance 3.0, we can help you to design, assess and transform the processes, controls, and infrastructure needed to address the wide variety of specific regulations and regulatory risks that your organization faces. More holistically, we can assist you in designing, assessing and transforming your complete enterprise compliance programs to preserve organizational value and create competitive advantage. We can help the compliance function to show the business the underlying meaning of certain measures and challenge your employees to change their behaviour, instead of implementing more rules and procedures.

Our services include:

  • Regulatory Compliance Operating Model Assessment
  • Regulatory Compliance Operating Model Design and Implementation
  • Regulatory Compliance Controls Testing and Remediation
  • Regulatory Compliance Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting

Why Deloitte?

With years of international experience at some of the biggest organisations in the world, we know how specific regulations can be met effectively. We have in-depth knowledge about upcoming regulatory changes and about requirements regulators set for organisations.

Our Regulatory Compliance services are closely connected to our Regulatory Strategy and Regulatory Response solutions, which means that Deloitte is the one-stop service provider for all your regulatory challenges. 

Risk Powers Performance

Today’s business climate is characterised by disruption and volatility. At Deloitte, we help businesses gain a new view of risk—seeing risk management as a vital performance lever, revealing untapped opportunities to create competitive advantage.


Martin Eleveld

Martin Eleveld


I am a seasoned, regulatory compliance expert within the financial services industry. I joined the Deloitte Regulatory practice in September 2015 after working for PwC for more than 14 years. Based on... More