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Regulatory Intelligence

Stay up-to-date in the complex regulatory and legislative landscape

How do I make sure that I do not miss new trends, key market or regulatory publications, or legislative changes relevant to my sector? Where can I find a calendar of all the expected key publications and legislative changes? Where can I find specialized regulatory experts?

Your challenge

Recognize these questions? In the heavily regulated markets you are in, it is a real challenge to keep track of the ever-changing legislative and regulatory landscape. Remaining up-to-date in an ocean of new publications from institutions that matter to you and your business takes a tremendous amount of your time. Time that you probably would like to spend on your actual business, focus on what really matters and where you can make an impact. To fully understand all the different impacts of legislative and regulatory change on your business, and in the same time making sure to correctly and timely implement and operationalize those changes is hard. So is there a good and more efficient way for you to keep track of all that is happening impacting your business? 

Our solution

A monthly newsletter
Precisely connecting legislative and regulatory change to your business. The vision of Regulatory Intelligence is simple yet effective. Our monthly newsletter consists of a focused showcase of the latest and most important publications from authoritative sources such as governments, legislators, regulators and market parties. Including a regulatory calendar helping you with anticipating on upcoming regulatory change projects. Need the view of a Deloitte expert on the matter? Regulatory Intelligence links the various publications to our ‘topic owners’ that are ready to help you.

Topic owners
You do not have to search for the right professional anymore. Working only with specific legislation and regulations on a daily basis, the Deloitte professionals are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to regulatory advisory. Our broad team offers you a wide variety of specialist that we call ‘topic owners’. Deloitte’s topic owners are the go-to professionals to get spot-on answers to your specific questions. If a publication can be linked to one of our topic owners, we will do so. You can easily reach out to us.

Need expert help?
Do you need help with a regulatory change project? Or for example with making sure you comply with all the reporting requirements? Besides topic owners, we have many business propositions that link to legislative and regulatory developments and topics and can prove just the solution you are looking for. To help you anticipate, Regulatory Intelligence will show you if a proposition is indeed linked to (the content of) a publication from one of the authoritative sources that we monitor to keep you up-to-date. 

Regulatory Calendar
Keep track of new, upcoming guidelines, regulatory technical standards, implementing technical standards, laws and regulations organized per theme using our Regulatory Calendar. The Regulatory Calendar has an international and European scope, and can be expanded to include your national legislator and regulator. It looks ahead as far as the legislator or regulator looks ahead in its publications. 

Stay informed
Save time and effort and let Regulatory Intelligence help you by informing you about new initiatives, trends, developments and news from the most important authoritative sources that are relevant for your business. Stay up-to-date and act before it enters into force. Regulatory Intelligence covers the following four key themes;

  • Banking and Payments
  • Insurance and Pensions
  • Integrity
  • Markets and Investments

Want to know more?

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Martin Eleveld

Martin Eleveld


I am a seasoned, regulatory compliance expert within the financial services industry. I joined the Deloitte Regulatory practice in September 2015 after working for PwC for more than 14 years. Based on... More