Regulatory Response


Regulatory Response

Regulatory Risk

A quick and accurate response to breakdowns in regulatory requirements programs is essential. Deloitte can identify the appropriate remediation approaches overnight, implement remediation programs, and help you to prevent compliance breaches in the future.

Your challenge

No matter how professionally organised your compliance framework is, sometimes a quick and accurate regulatory response is inevitable. For example, your organisation can be the subject of regulatory action as the result of non-compliance or you are being examined. It is possible that your compliance department has identified gaps in regulatory compliance processes and systems, that regulatory activity indicates a heightened focus on a particular set of regulations, or that there is a public disclosure of fines which need remediation. Responding quickly is essential for protecting your reputation with your stakeholders.

Our solution

Our services are designed to help you respond quickly to specific breakdowns in your regulatory compliance programs. These engagements are often driven by actual, or the prospect of new, interpretations by regulators.

In this process we can help you assess the causes of compliance failures and analyse the potential injury or harm through the use of data and analytics. We can identify the appropriate remediation approaches and implement data-driven and risk-based remediation programs, including a clear root-cause analysis and strategic stakeholder management. Subsequently we can help your organisation recover from regulatory actions, as well as anticipate on potential ones, by designing future-proof detection methods using advanced analytics. For instance, we can develop (client- or product) monitoring methods for your organisation, based on the experiences during remediation activities.

Our services include:

  • Regulatory Compliance Framework Failure Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Regulatory Compliance Framework Remediation Design and Implementation
  • Regulatory Compliance Framework Failure Impact Assessment, Evaluation, and Remediation

Why Deloitte?

Our Regulatory Response services are designed to help you to respond quickly to specific breakdowns in your regulatory compliance programs. Within a short time we can mobilise a team of experts: professionals with in-depth knowledge of regulation, and the required data-experts who can find the gaps that led to the compliance breach and the right resources to help you recover from the breach in a risk-based, efficient manner.

Our Regulatory Response solutions are closely connected to our Regulatory Strategy and Regulatory Compliance solutions, which means that Deloitte is your one-stop service provider for all your regulatory challenges. 

Risk Powers Performance

Today’s business climate is characterised by disruption and volatility. At Deloitte, we help businesses gain a new view of risk—seeing risk management as a vital performance lever, revealing untapped opportunities to create competitive advantage.


Martin Eleveld

Martin Eleveld


I am a seasoned, regulatory compliance expert within the financial services industry. I joined the Deloitte Regulatory practice in September 2015 after working for PwC for more than 14 years. Based on... More