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Moving towards responsibility in compliance

Today's business climate is characterized by constant disruptions. Having a sound framework to manage regulatoy risks is the foundation for your organization to address these effectively. Regulatory Risk provides forward-looking strategic thinking and critically monitoring of your regulatory process.

We offer our clients:

Regulatory Strategy

An integrated regulatory strategy is vital. It will provide a clear view on the scattered regulatory landscape and give a competitive advantage, as you will no longer be responding to changes but instead approach them proactively. This makes your organization more resilient and enable cost reduction.

Deloitte can help you assess and inventorize the current and future regulatory and supervisory landscape, define strategic objectives and develop a regulatory oversight. We can assist you in developing an approach to manage regulatory change, refine your risk appetite – all based on the unique structure of your organization. We develop regulatory strategies, structures and processes that enable a proactive assessment of regulatory trends and impact on business model.

  • We help you gain a new view of regulatory risk—seeing it as a vital performance lever, revealing untapped opportunities to create competitive advantage.

Regulatory Compliance

Many compliance heads try to deal with the difficulties of digitization, regulatory compliance and improving efficiency and global consistency at the same time. Most organizations handle this by extending their compliance function and/or a rule-based business implementation, which is very costly. How to improve the efficiency of existing compliance frameworks and business implementation, while at the same time minimize the need for regulatory response? To gain control, your ongoing compliance function needs to adapt.

Deloitte can strengthen the Compliance function so that it is better able to meet the needs of its stakeholders by using an innovative approach of regulatory compliance focusing on enabling business instead of restricting it with additional rules and procedures. Our services cover the full compliance spectrum: from compliance operating model, controls (testing and remediation) and monitoring, to analytics and reporting. We assist in designing, assessing and transforming the enterprise compliance programs to preserve and enhance organizational value. In our approach, the organizational culture and way of working forms an important element. We help the Compliance function to show the business the underlying meaning of certain measures and to challenge employee behaviour.

  • Your compliance function will be well-prepared to manage regulatory requirements without paralyzing the organization.

Regulatory Response 

A regulatory strategy will help you anticipate, but sometimes the need for a quick and accurate regulatory response is inevitable. For example, your organization can be subject to regulatory action as the result of non-compliance. It is possible that your compliance department has identified gaps in regulatory compliance processes and systems, or there is a public disclosure of fines which need remediation. Responding quickly and accurate is essential for protecting your reputation and your relationship with stakeholders.

We help clients respond to specific breakdowns and shortcomings in their regulatory compliance programs. Within a short time we can mobilize a team of experts: professionals with in-depth knowledge of regulation, and the required data-experts who can find the compliance gaps and the right resources to help you recover in a risk-based, efficient manner. Next to recovering from non-compliance, we support in anticipating these by designing detection methods using advanced analytics.

  • Your goal: reacting promptly and appropriately to regulatory threats that suddenly present themselves.

Regulatory Observatory

Every day (inter)national legislation changes, supervisors publish guidelines and industry groups clarify their interpretations of laws. The wide variety of legislative sources makes it increasingly difficult to assess where and when your organization will be impacted and how to prioritize. With Regulatory Observatory, we anticipate legislative developments in time and assesses their impact on your business.

We combine RegMiner, Regulatory Intelligence and RegWatch to provide an all-encompassing service to support in navigating through the past, present and future of legislation. They are designed as standalone services whilst simultaneously complementing each other seamlessly.

  • RegMiner brings technology to regulation, facilitating compliance with the vast regulatory space currently in force.
  • Regulatory Intelligence is a broad news service that helps you to stay up-to-date on the current FSI regulatory universe.
  • Regulatory Watch anticipates changes in the future regulatory landscape that are specifically relevant for the company, providing a monthly impact analysis tailored to your organization.

Keep track of Laws and Regulations

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We know regulations and we know you

Regulatory Risk is global leader in designing and optimizing risk and compliance programs. Next to in-depth knowledge about (upcoming) regulations, we have experts in our teams with a vast amount of experience in organizations similar to yours. They know how to effectively apply new regulations to your organization. We have extensive experience in regulatory strategy, compliance and remediation programs for large banks, insurance companies and other players in the financial services industry.

Our Regulatory Risk services are closely connected, also with other Deloitte services such as Legal, Tax or Consulting, making Deloitte the one-stop-shop for all your regulatory challenges. Moreover, as a global player we can make use of our pan-European network and beyond to closely monitor developments and best practices anywhere around the world. Together we can successfully reach responsibility in compliance.

Compliance Optimization

Compliance Transformation is about genuinely driving financial institutions’ transition into demonstrably in-control and risk intelligent organizations by using data and technology. Greater maturity in this domain will contribute to more efficient and effective compliance processes, better risk insights, and improved quality at lower cost.

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ESG Risk and Regulatory Compliance

Against the backdrop of climate change and a myriad of social issues, sustainability has rightfully risen high on the regulatory agenda. Our Sustainability offering supports financial services firms in assessing and implementing upcoming and existing sustainability regulation and integrate sustainability in the overall risk and control framework.

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Digital Transformation and Innovation

The Digital Transformation and Innovation team offers solutions to develop new products, business models and to enter new markets in a regulated environment. We offer tailor-made solutions in setting up regulatory strategies in all areas, such as innovation, market entry, acquisition of regulated target companies and development of new business models and new products

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Financial Health and Duty of Care

The role of financial institutions in improving the financial health of society has become increasingly instrumental. Our Financial Health & Duty of Care offering supports you in embedding fair treatment of customers and supporting their financial health throughout your organization. In the current financial services landscape, fair treatment of your customers is not only a regulatory demand, but also a message to society on the value you as a business place in creating long-term and responsible customer relationships.

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