Risk Sensing

Risk Sensing

Intelligence to anticipate risks and enable smarter decision-making.

In an interconnected world, single incidents have a greater impact on your businesses than ever before.

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Anticipating on threats is becoming increasingly challenging.

Information Overload

There has never been more data than today. Organizations don't have the resources to wade through millions of data points to try to identify possible threats. And the data keeps coming and coming.

Blind spots

Analysts are limited to the search terms they can think of. And available information providers are limited to the reach of their sources and the languages they support.

Information Bubble

Furthermore, professionals base their opinions on a limited number of information sources, which can be biased.

What if you could improve strategic decision making by anticipating and responding better to what is happening now?

Receive the most relevant and balanced information available for your strategic decision making.

Enhance your ability to preempt disruptions and reduce time spent on reactig to emerging events.

Seize the power of preddictive technoglogy to turn uncertainty into opportunities.

“Risk Sensing capabilities do not only provide leaders with predictive intelligence to timely mitigate risks. It also allows them to create a strategic competitive advantage.”
Sandra Heuts

Sandra Heuts Global Strategic and Reputation Risk Leader at Deloitte

Combining unique technology with some of the best brains on the planet.

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800,000+ websites, blogs, forums across 190 countries and 80 languages


100m+ social media posts per day from Sina Weibo, VKontakte, WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest and more


Enriching data sources from watch lists, stocks, company data, patents, dark web, security intelligence and geospatial data


Cognitive analytics, machine learning and other AI to condense information to the essentials


Build on the knowledge of ex-inteligence agency officers, lawyers, cyber experts from the #1 professional services firm in the world

Actionable intelligence that until now was only available for intelligence agencies.

Use intelligence in a way which suites you best

Horizon Scanning


Intelligence Report

Deep Dive

Intelligence Dashboard

Dynamic Sensing

Months to weeks

Weekly intelligence reports

Weekly updated dashboard

Live dashboard

Rapid Response


Flash reports within 60 minutes

Daily update reports

Live dashboard with 72h predicitive analysis

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Do you want to leverage data insights to get ahead in risk management?

Marc Verdonk

Marc Verdonk
Partner Risk Advisory

Sem de Spa

Sem de Spa
Global Chief of Staff Risk Sensing

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