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The intelligence app to get an outside-in view on your key competitors, clients, suppliers and own organization. Quick, easy and always up-to-date.

To keep up with today’s increasingly complex business landscape, it is vital for organizations to recognize externally emerging risks and spot opportunities at an early stage.

What innovations are my competitors working on?

Which issues in my supply chain are posing a threat to my business?

How is my reputation and that of my clients affected by external events?

… and many of questions more that you can answer with SenseNexus!

Expand your view on emerging events so you can execute your strategy with confidence

Be the first to know

We monitor over 800.000 online sources 24/7 so you can spot emerging risks and opportunities for companies that are most relevant to you; your clients, competitors, and suppliers.

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A more complete and less biased information stream

Look beyond your favorite news outlet and native language. We interpret articles across 12 different languages, so you know how online discussions are impacting your business.

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Recognise emerging risks & opportunities at an early stage

See trends in relevant risks and opportunities. For example, what are your competitors doing with artificial intelligence today? Which risks your suppliers are taking?

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Make better informed decisions today

Bring in a comprehensive outside-in view to your boardroom. Execute your strategy with confidence.

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Benchmark your organization across a broad range of risks and opportunities

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Do you want to leverage data insights to get ahead in risk management?

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