Strategic & Reputation Risk

Sustainability is emerging as a source of competitive advantage. For organizations to gain this advantage, the focus is on long term value creation and a sustainable position within society. A transformation to integrate all organizational aspects therefore offers leverage for a step forward. Deloitte can help you attain insight in your strategic non-financial topics and help you create a purpose driven organization through preserving value for your organization and all affiliated by it.

Your challenge

The risk and opportunity sustainability offers is a top-of-mind issue across the C-suite. Affecting both your strategic and reputational agenda, successfully exploring opportunities that are connected to occurring sustainability risks and events is therefore key. The challenge is to approach this in the right way, the opportunities can offer real long term value creation by taking into account financial and non-financial capitals and being prepared for events.

Our solution

We can help you answer these questions by enabling you to manage and measure your non-financial impacts and engage in long-term value creation through four specific sets of services:

  • Sustainable strategy
    We help organizations determine their current performance and define their desired direction. We also facilitate defining their value creation strategy. We can also provide insights into the current impact that your organization has on its stakeholders and business environment and advise you how to enhance these impacts.
  • Sustainable performance management
    In order to monitor performance in relation to organizational strategy, data and insights is deemed key. We help clients design, build and run insight driven organizations. For management information, we
    offer dashboarding and risk sensing services, providing the high-level tracking of strategic performance throughout the value chain.
  • Sustainable transformation management
    We help organizations prepare for sustainable transitions using interbusiness unit collaboration. We facilitate value creation to create insights into the current impact of the organization and its business environment. Coaching, training and advise is available to support more adaptive organizations. We also work with sustainability & transformationlabs helping organizations resolve some of the most complex and challenging business issues and build competitive advantage through aligning their organizations with their sustainability strategies.
  • Sustainable reporting & assurance
    Reporting non-financial information is the core business of Deloitte’s Sustainability Team. We can also act as external assurance provider for the non-financial information (including sustainability related information) in your external reporting. Through our involvement in for example the Taskforce for Climate related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) we ensure quality and support our clients in their external publications.

Why Deloitte?

In each of the services listed above, we combine our in-depth knowledge of non-financial topics and internal and external reporting with an integral organisational approach. Our industry expertise and international network ensures that we can tailor-make solutions to complex challenges both on a national and an international scale.

Risk Powers Performance

Today’s business climate is characterised by disruption and volatility. At Deloitte, we help businesses gain a new view of risk—seeing risk management as a vital performance lever, revealing untapped opportunities to create competitive advantage.


Jeffrey Colin

Jeffrey Colin

Senior Manager

I am a senior manager at Deloitte Strategic & Reputation Risk Sustainability team. As a member of the sustainability team I focus on challenges that organizations face in grasping opportunities arisin... More