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IDO: Insight Driven Organisation

Ask the right questions, do the right analyses, take the right actions.

The drive for innovation and the digitization of services is giving businesses access to new streams of revenue outside of traditional channels and simultaneously impacting existing cost structures and operating models. We are now finding ourselves in an insight economy.

An Insight Driven Organisation (IDO)

Market trends show that over the past decade organisations have been heavily focused on investing in technology and digital platforms. Although technology and digital platforms are the foundation of capturing data, organisations now realize that this narrow tech-focus on does not make them Insight Driven. The investments show the collective ambition to work smarter and deliver more value. To do so, organisations need to see these investments as part of a larger journey to become an Insight Driven Organisation.

"An Insight Driven Organisation (IDO) is an organisation which embeds analytics, data and reasoning into their decision-making processes in order to drive greater business impact” 

Deloitte’s Insight Driven Organisation (IDO) framework is our response to this trend and is aimed to support clients in their analytics transformation. Moreover supporting them in becoming organisations with the strategy and capabilities in place to capitalize on the value of data, able to realize process and financial benefits through data and analytics.

To help organisations in becoming an IDO, Deloitte supports organisations in assessing their current maturity and determining the maturity level they aspire. This start provides the essential foundation to blueprint the transformation process. The Deloitte IDO framework specifies 5 maturity stages to outline the transformation into an Insight Driven Organisation. 

IDO: Insight Driven Organization | Data Analytics | Deloitte Netherlands
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Our vision is that the road to growing your analytics maturity requires development on six key pillars: strategy, people, process, technology, logic and data. Organisations will need to consider all pillars to become truly insight driven.

IDO: Insight Driven Organization | Data Analytics | Deloitte Netherlands
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We have extensive experience in guiding organisations towards becoming an IDO, in all industries.

Our holistic view of analytics transformations, our global network of experts in analytics transformation and services and our global experience in supporting leading organisations on this journey has been recognized and is a distinguishing factor that Deloitte brings to our clients.

Gartner”Deloitte helps its clients to become insight-driven organisations by augmenting their consultants with digital assets, supported by an expanding ecosystem of partners.”

Our services

When embarking on an IDO transformation, it is important to ask yourself the right questions, do the right analysis and take the right actions. Deloitte can assist you in all facets of transforming your organisation into a true Insight Driven Organisation. We support clients end-to-end on their IDO transformation, distinguishing two types of services:

IDO Advisory:
IDO Advisory encompasses the strategic aspect of your IDO transformation focusing on executing a current state assessment; creating an analytics vision and mission statement; and developing a roadmap or blueprint for your transformation. For analytically advanced organisations whose challenge is to scale analytics, Deloitte has developed the IDO Scaling lab. This is an immersive, full day collaborative session around re-setting the analytics strategy based on the 'art of the possible', zoom-in on the key capabilities required to scale, and establish how to ignite momentum to push transformation. The Lab methodology was designed using the latest science on how we best learn and interact in group settings and combines expert facilitation, deep subject matter expertise and design thinking to impact.

91% of our clients recognize the strategic value of AI powered Analytics to their business, yet only 9% have achieved scale as an IDO, because they are limited by barriers such as mind-set, goals, value, ownership, readiness and momentum.

IDO Delivery are solution services that will directly impact your analytics transformation and make it real. Deciding what initiative(s) to carry out depends on your current analytics maturity and your immediate challenge to launch or scale analytics in your organisation. As there are numerous interdependent building blocks the number of initiatives that help your organisation drive forward is continuously expanding and ranges from blueprinting an analytics target operating model, migrating your data to a global data platform, and setting-up a data governance capability, to hands-on capability building of your data scientists and leadership.

Analytics for Leaders : This program has proven to inspire and educate leaders and realizes tangible and behavioural outcomes that immediately ignite the analytics transformation.

More information?

For more information about Insight Driven Organisation (IDO) or analytics please do not hesitate to contact Stefan van Duin or Sander Buijsrogge via the contact details below.


Stefan van Duin

Stefan van Duin


Stefan is expert in the area of Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Stefan is convinced that more and more companies count data analytics to their core competencies; to devel... More

Sander Buijsrogge

Sander Buijsrogge


Sander is a manager within Deloitte Consulting and he is one of the Global leads of the Deloitte Insight Driven Organization (IDO) community. In the Netherlands, he leads a team of IDO professionals t... More