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At Monitor Deloitte, we understand that Duty of Care and Financial Health issues rarely require a quick fix, nor a one-size-fits-all approach. Our strategic support therefore covers a variety of topics which is tailor-made to your specific situation and challenges. Our commitment to Financial Health is a priority, together with our customers and partners.

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Deloitte monitor transformative sustainability demystification

Demystifying sustainability transformations

As more and more companies take action to deliver on their transformative sustainability ambitions, it is becoming evident that some are doing better than others.

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Our services

Understand key market drivers, underlying forces and latest trends to grow your top- and bottom-line and position for sustainable success. ​We leverage the unparalleled intellectual heritage of Monitor’s founder as Michael Porter and Roger Martin to help you beat competition.

Navigate the complexities of an integration or of a carve-out by considering the bigger strategy impact and fundamental operational consequences.

How to interpret the signals about social, economic, technological, political change and disruption that abound? How to anticipate these critical changes? What strategic moves are needed? What new ecosystems and business models are likely to appear? How do these translate into new innovation value spaces and an innovation strategy? How should we run our ventures and what innovation capabilities do we need (investment, processes, KPIs, governance)?

Understanding key triggers to an organization's strategic direction (e.g. acquisition, new value proposition, cost reduction, embedding ESG, etc.) and translating it into executable, strategic initiatives that cut across different functions and business units to bring about holistic, transformational change that delivers value​.

Address long-term complex problems of economical, social and environmental relevance to the society involving multiple stakeholders with possibly conflicting goals and objectives. Provide strategic advice and recommendations that informs future policy in critical domains such food, water and natural resources.

Analytics enabled strategy projects, with ability to implement (through BMT/Tech/HC) – TBD with Strategy Analytics website.