Robotics within shared services


Implementing Robotics within Shared Services

An impression of the RPA deep dive round table  

Round Table Shared Services, GBS & BPO. Deep dive in the challenges we all face by implementing Robotics (RPA). Get inspired by your peers, empowered by Deloitte.

Global Business Services Conference

As a follow up on our annual Global Business Services conference, Deloitte the Netherlands hosted a round table deep dive on the main topic of the conference: Robotics. The roundtable was co-hosted by Philips Lighting and Royal Philips at the High Tech Campus and focused on facing the implementation challenges when deploying Robotics.

Implementing Robotic Process Automation

With a diverse audience of delegates from 25 private and public organizations, Bianca den Elsen en Edwin Jong facilitated an interactive discussion about the trends, common themes and challenges while implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA). After hearing the expert’s view and RPA experience from Kees Wim van den Herik (Deloitte), Philips Lighting and Royal Philips shared their journey in Robotics implementation.

During the round table discussions it became apparent that the majority of the attending delegates were still in the phase of “Socializing”; getting to know the possibilities of Robotics and evaluating scope and requirements. Some of these companies were already working on a Proof of concept to measure the potential benefits of RPA for their organization.

Only a few companies where already in the “Strategic design and development” stage and just one delegate mentioned to be in the “Sustain/ ongoing support” phase.

Robotic process automation methodology

Key take-aways

What are the key take-aways from the discussions?

  • Use a diverse process for a proof of concept
  • Successful implementation requires executive sponsorship
  • A well-defined governance structure with representatives from (at least) business and IT are key
  • For each process which you robotize there should be a business case with an investigation of all options, for example outsourcing versus RPA
  • When the processes are robotized you need to maintain the business knowledge in the company
  • Often not the entire process can be replaced with robots, learn what the exceptions are
  • IT and business need to work closely together when implementing robotics, the business is driving, and IT enables the changes. Therefore, IT needs to understand the business as well
  • Setting a target for the number of FTE’s you want to replace by robots helps to reach your goals and build the business case

To conclude, the topic is still hot, the changes are there, but it looks like it is just really starting for many organizations and many of them are struggling to get it right.

Do not to hesitate to contact Deloitte when you want to discuss your RPA journey with our experts.

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