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Business Transformation

We focus on catalysing enterprise transformation, including shaping the business transformation strategy and prioritizing strategic capabilities.

Successful businesses anticipate and own disruptions by setting their course and building the capabilities they need to stay ahead. Monitor Deloitte's Business Transformation practice works with executives to catalyze enterprise-wide business transformation, including shaping the business transformation ambition and strategy, formulating new business models and prioritizing strategic capabilities and operating model imperatives.

This team works closely with Operations Transformation’s EMD team to further design these capabilities and operating models and convenes other Deloitte services to architect the complete business transformation program. Then, we help keep the moving parts connected, while maintaining visibility and a relentless focus on achieving the value our clients seek.

Our business transformation approaches, tools, and accelerators are applicable to the range of disruptors executive teams are tackling, today. Simply put, we create the context for our clients to pursue their transformation with confidence and offer the support to design and pursue an achievable transformation to realize their value ambitions.

Your Challenge

  • How do I go from strategy to impact?
  • How do I successfully transform my business and build capabilities to succeed?
  • What breakthrough value could we produce?
  • How do I align my organization, my cost structure and investment agenda to my strategy?

Why Deloitte

At Monitor Deloitte we know that realizing Business Transformation success requires seeing, doing and delivering differently. Successful transformation requires an integrated approach that links business strategy to transformation ambition, and transformation ambition to executional discipline. In today’s changing market, ambition needs to be delivered rapidly and with agility in order to win. Monitor Deloitte helps clients achieve their ambition. At Deloitte we can seamlessly link strategy to execution across a wide array of best-in-class capabilities, ranging across strategy, M&A, technology, digital, innovation, finance, HR, tax, etc.

Our Solution

  1. Begin with a strategy-informed ambition: Translate strategic goals into a bold yet realistic transformation ambition.
  2. Lead with capabilities: Build the discipline needed to establish a new trajectory that helps keep pace with disruption.
  3. Drive to value: Take time to be explicit about exactly how you intend to create value.
  4. Build in sustainability: Foster an adaptive organization that embraces new ways of delivering value.
  5. Be agile and flexible: Implement an agile approach that delivers quick wins and iterative progress.
  6. Invest in program talent: Keep leaders connected strongly to focused roles in order to help retain top talent during the transformation.

Thinking big with business transformation

Business transformation initiatives require business leaders to rethink how the enterprise creates value today—and in the future. Incremental improvement is not enough to win in today’s exponentially disrupted business environment. Enterprises have to think big—and bold. Thinking big can help organizations unlock the value of transformation, unlock hidden opportunities, and generate new value.

The big question : What does effective transformation leadership look like?

Transformation requires leadership—a single dedicated and accountable executive at the top who can help shape the vision and guide strategy. But leadership alone isn't enough. Effective leadership can spell the difference between success and failure in a transformation effort. Read below to learn what makes transformation leaders effective, how to select the right candidate, how to hold leaders accountable, and how to avoid common mistakes that can derail your transformation efforts.

Achieving transformation objectives

When transformations are focused on capabilities, they tend to be more focused, more disciplined–and in the end, more successful. But which deserve your focus? Which will have the biggest impact? And what do you do with them?


Laurens Petten

Laurens Petten


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