We help clients create and drive transformational change in customer, marketing and pricing strategies and capabilities that drive business growth, forge profitable consumer and customer relationships, and drive competitive advantage.

Monitor Deloitte’s Customer practice helps organizations create and drive transformational change from the perspective of the customer – to drive organic growth, to deliver valued customer experiences, to improve margins and profitability, and ultimately, to transform how companies do marketing. For each of these platforms we enable organizations from strategy through to execution and then how they measure and adapt for continuous advantage.

We regularly work with marketing, brand, or strategy executives who have a mandate for achieving long-term initiatives while pressured to demonstrate impact and return in the near term. We help them design and deliver customer insight-anchored change and growth in their enterprises.

Our Customer Operations practice helps organizations develop, implement, and operationalize multichannel customer interaction capabilities for both external and internal customer-facing operations. We assist with operational assessment, operating model design; omni-channel effectiveness, technology enablement, sourcing strategy, and transformation roadmap development and execution.

Our Pricing practice helps organizations address the spectrum of commercial pricing strategies, processes, and capabilities to align them with business, marketing, customer segmentation, and channel strategies.

A measured approach to retail growth

​Pricing challenges and intense competition in retail markets have only increased in the emerging age of omnichannel retail and price transparency. To be successful in these conditions, pricing strategy needs to become more creative, differentiated, and based in a scientific test and measurement approach.

Stop reacting to buyers’ pricing expectations

Expectations drive behavior and nowhere more so than when setting prices. A customer’s decision to buy something at the offered price, or not, depends upon more than the tradeoff between benefits and price. It also depends on customers’ expectations, and their experience answering this question: how might our behavior influence the prices we have to pay?

Everything you want to know about raising prices

​With unprecedented volatility in input costs, energy prices, and increasing inflationary pressures, the urgency to manage pricing margins has never been greater.


Jochem Dragt

Jochem Dragt


After a 15 years career in various international marketing responsibilities in pharma and food/dairy, I made the switch to strategy consulting some 6 years ago. I consider my industry and functional e... Meer