Helping clients rapidly achieve ambition through innovation and design  

Through a combination of design, strategy, social science, and technology, we work to unearth new opportunities and drive transformational growth for our clients. We help our clients set innovation strategy, design, build, and launch innovations and become better innovators. And we do this by using applied design methods to ensure people are always at the center of every solution.

Whether discovering the next big thing, expanding on what’s come before, or understanding how to harness digital disruption, businesses thrive and grow from innovation.

Monitor Deloitte’s design-led global innovation practice, powered by Doblin, brings together a set of singular capabilities, tools, and people to help organizations create new sources of growth and prosperity and drive those innovations to market with speed and agility.

Through a combination of strategy, social science, and technology, we apply design to every step of a company’s value chain to help companies achieve their growth ambitions. We do this in three important ways:

  • Set and implement breakthrough innovation strategies that set the ambition for the organization
  • Design, build, and launch new innovations to achieve that ambition, and
  • Become better innovators, through agile processes, deep tradecraft and diverse skills sets and partnerships.

Since 1981, Doblin has pioneered the discipline of innovation and helped leading organizations navigate turbulent environments, helping companies solve complex problems that matter through a rigorous, interdisciplinary approach.

Your Challenge

  1. How to understand and deal with disruptive and exponential trends?” 
  2. “What will be our innovation strategy?
  3. “How to create new revenue streams?”
  4. “How to be better innovators?”

Why Deloitte

  1. Working alongside senior leaders, we explore how forces of change potentially impact the enterprise and industry, and identify where opportunities lie within the seemingly chaotic landscape. We then set an “innovation ambition” and help diagnose and address internal breakdowns. Finally, we advise senior leaders on their responsibilities for championing innovation. 
  2. We work with companies to convert opportunities and ideas into new businesses. Using generative research methods, we unearth new insights about consumers and translate those insights into business concepts that encompass multiple types of innovation. We facilitate prototyping and testing to refine new offers and accelerate launch and scaling. Working with the client implementation team, we use strategy, marketing, and enterprise analytics to refine, pilot, and launch the new business. 
  3. We help clients develop their own signature innovation capabilities, systems, and structures that are specific for the enterprise. This includes governance structures, establishment of incentives and metrics, and implementation of learning programs to teach innovation practices.

Our Solution

  1. You will get sense of (mega-)trends and translate them into a purpose incl. value spaces
  2. You will have a sound based innovation strategy with a clear distinction between core, incremental and transformational innovation objectives
  3. You will have created new viable business offerings that are scalable
  4. You will get an incremental innovation capability, offerings and new revenue streams in the core of the organization
  5. You will get a transformational innovation capability, offerings and new revenue streams at the edge of the organization
  6. You will have an ideation process by identifying concrete business opportunities in the organization’s value spaces

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Fred Nijland

Fred Nijland


Over the past 20 years I worked alongside senior leaders exploring how forces of change potentially impact your enterprise and set an “innovation ambition”, convert opportunities to concepts and new r... Meer