Business Finance

Performance management. Planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Cost and profitability management. Capabilities in these areas can serve as a catalyst to the finance organization—but they can just as easily keep it stuck in the same old ruts if not managed properly. Clients tap our business finance offerings to realize specific business objectives through these areas and more. Our offerings include: Principles of performance management Planning, budgeting, and forecasting Cost and profitability management Management reporting and analysis Business partnering

Your Challenge

Today’s Finance functions – and their organizations – stand to lose a lot if their Business Finance capabilities are not up to par. In those cases most heard comments are: “Finance is bean counting”, “Finance does not support our decision making process”, and “Finance has low impact”.

The best time to improve your Business Finance capabilities is now. Without best in class Business Finance capabilities, your organization is not agile enough to thrive in its ever faster changing ecosystem. A best in class Business Finance means Lean planning and reporting processes, a nimble Business Finance organization, a mix of Finance & Technology talent, controllers teaming with BI and Analytics tools and partnering with Business Managers, Agile improvement initiatives and, ultimately, making an impact on your Business and its ecosystem.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte is recognized as world leader in Business Finance consultancy. We have experience in supporting CFOs and Group Controllers in all types of organizations with a broad range of Business Finance initiatives, e.g.:

  • sharing Business Finance ‘good working examples’;
  • improving Business Finance capabilities with Deloitte accelerators such as the Enterprise Value Map, the KPI toolkit, industry standard Business Finance process descriptions, Lean tools for Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting processes, driver-based planning models, dashboard templates, Advanced Analytics, Enterprise Data Management framework, Business Finance competency framework and job profiles, Finance Business Partnering Lab and training curriculum, planning and reporting as a service, and so on and so forth;

Our Solution

Deloitte has the people, way of working, methods and tools to together bring your Business Finance capabilities up to par:

  • Principles of Performance Management: how to operationalize Business strategy
  • Plan, Budget, Forecast: how to improve planning processes, data and systems
  • Cost and Profitability Management: how to increase sales, margin and asset efficiency
  • Management Reporting and Analysis: how to measure performance and health
  • Finance Business Partnering: how to make an impact by realizing strategic initiatives
  • Project Control: how to financially manage projects, programs and portfolios
  • Finance Data Management: how to ensure data availability and quality
  • Performance Management System Implementation: how to make IT work
  • Finance Analytics: how to support fact-based decision making


Arian Kaandorp

Arian Kaandorp


Arian Kaandorp is director bij Deloitte Consulting's CFO Services groep. Hij heeft 20 jaar ervaring op het gebied van financieel management en is gespecialiseerd in Finance Transformation en Enterpris... Meer