Carve Out & Separation

While divestiture activities can play an important role in unlocking value, these transactions often strain an organization’s resources beyond their limits.   Deloitte’s Carve Out & Separation practice focuses on meeting Day 1 requirements, positioning for stability after the separation occurs, and securing the strategic viability of the stand-alone company. In most divestitures, we continue to serve an organization following the closing date to ensure a full transition of operations and technology assets to the buyer or the stand-alone company. During this period, sellers may provide agreed-upon services under Transition Services Agreements (TSAs), which Deloitte may help structure , and they remove inefficiencies (e.g., stranded costs) from their operations.

Your Challenge

Divestitures are not just mergers in reverse—they are typically complicated, counter-intuitive transactions that include carve-outs, separations, spin-offs, renegotiations, liquidations, split-offs, exchanges, and tracking stocks, which need to be addressed in a very fast pace in order to minimise incurring stranded costs.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte M&A specialists have the insights and experience to advise corporate and private equity investors through each stage of the carve-out and separation process. We help our clients to develop appropriate divesting strategies, so they can rebalance their business model, reposition for growth and reduce risks. From M&A strategy definition to divestiture execution, we support our clients to structure their decision making process and achieve their unique growth objectives.

Deloitte is recognised as a leader in M&A services globally. This recognition affirms what many clients already know: We make an impact that matters!

What we bring to the table:

  • Over 7,500 M&A specialists globally
  • In-depth industry knowledge and deep experience in complex and precedent-setting transactions
  • Involved in half of the 20 largest private equity deals in history
  • Supported 200 IPOs across many industries in the past 5 years
  • Methodologies and tools developed to meet industry standard

Our Solution

We help our clients to reach their planned separation goals, maximise asset selling price and minimise disruptions on Day One and beyond. Services include:

  • Separation planning, execution and stabilisation
  • Day one readiness
  • Transitional Service Agreements (TSA) management
  • Identification and elimination of stranded costs

We have the expertise available to support clients with additional challenges, including cost management, timelines, and disruption to business as usual.


Erik Nanninga

Erik Nanninga


Erik is member of the Executive Committee and the Managing Partner for Deloitte Consulting in the Netherlands. As a Consulting partner Erik gained significant experience in Consumer Business, leading ... Meer

Klaasjan Doeswijk

Klaasjan Doeswijk


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Jasper de Grauw

Jasper de Grauw


Jasper begint in 1992 bij de Audit praktijk van PwC. In 1999 stapt hij over naar Transaction Services waar hij vanaf 2001 zich specialiseert in post merger integration en complexe ontvlechtingsvraagst... Meer