Economic & Social Strategy

Helps clients drive social and economic performance, as well as competitiveness and prosperity. Cluster development, as one of the services, builds on a long Monitor legacy and association with Michael Porter. Further focus areas lie with policy strategy and planning, city building, institution building and performance management.

Your Challenge

Government leaders are at a turning point. Important challenges are to be faced both domestic and international. Where a few years ago the main question for leaders was how to maintain a leading position, nowadays the most important challenge is how to keep pace with fast growing economies and upcoming trends. Leaders are focused on maximizing their country's or region's competitive edge. These challenges need smart, innovative, outstanding and sometimes somewhat unorthodox insights and policy measures to enable governments to improve itself and beat the competition.

Why Deloitte

​Monitor Deloitte's Economic & Social Strategy practice helps government leaders to make better policies, fit for growth, competitiveness and social innovation. Bringing insights from the public and private domain increases the impact of policies. We bring the right capabilities and expertise but are not shy of tapping into our ecosystem of external domain experts when needed. We believe that policy is not a one-off defined set of principles, but a continues evolving and adapting enabler of growth, competitiveness and social innovation.

Our solution

  • Cluster competitiveness - allowing regional or national governments to assess their core strengths and development areas, by examining industry clusters in competitor nations, using industries to help raise national economies. 
  • Policy strategy and planning – leaders in government, particularly newly minted decision-makers who have to hit the ground running, need to be able to formulate and implement policies quickly and effectively. Therefore, there is often a need for strategic support for heads of state, cabinet ministers, etc. to clearly frame their approach towards enhancing macro level prosperity and security.
  • City building - cities are being recognized as hotbeds of talent, ecosystems of innovation and culture. They are also the source of society's most pressing problems and seekers of solutions in and of themselves. They require sophisticated and multi-dimensional strategies to engage with all of this, and to realize the full value that urbanization offers to business and society.
  • Government performance management - effective national leadership rests on consistently making high-quality decisions in the service of a clear strategic intent, and successfully mobilizing the tools of government to implement the decisions taken. Using our key “High Performance Bureaucracy” methodology, we support senior government leaders to improve performance at both the systems and ministry levels by building capabilities across four key domains: strategy development, narrative creation, policy development, and organizational alignment.


Sjoerd van der Smissen

Sjoerd van der Smissen


Sjoerd van der Smissen is a partner at Deloitte Consulting and leads the Public Sector Strategy, Operations and Innovation team. Sjoerd has over 16 years of experience in many strategy, innovation and... Meer