Enterprise Model Design

Your strategy can only be as effective as your organization’s ability to execute it. That means your operating model should be designed to drive your strategy and make your business model a reality.   Deloitte’s Enterprise Model Design (EMD) practice works with organizations to validate their transformation ambition, identify and prioritize the required capabilities, and design the operating model to effectively deliver on the strategy.   We help companies navigate and accelerate change by prioritizing focus areas that drive significant value. This often involves two important activities: communicating a new vision that translates strategy into action, and facilitating up-front discussions to guide detailed process, organizational, and technology design.

Your Challenge

Digital opportunities in the market will impact your business model. Customers expect the highest standard of personal and intuitive interaction, at their touch. Exponential technologies change the core of your value chain, from sales to operations to IT. Increasing competition drive mergers and growth, or require the next level of efficiency.

What capabilities do you have, and need, to be able to compete in a Digital market? How do you utilize exponential technologies in your operating model? What integration and value creation opportunities can you unlock from your organization? How do you combine agility in IT with a more agile organization structure and people model? What does the organization that matches your ambition look like?

Why Deloitte

Deloitte's Enterprise Model Design approach helps companies navigate change through an iterative journey, grounded in our experience of what works in driving transformation. Our capability-led approach is focussed on creating an organizational structure that fully supports those activities that are crucial to the success of the company. This is summarized in the following steps:

  • Start by reviewing the strategy: your reason of being. Structure, validate and refine your business transformation ambition or purpose to set measurable goals linked to your strategy
  • Next identify what capabilities are required to win. Review your current business model and define key principles to design the target operating model
  • Finally - configure the capabilities into business units, shared functions and the ecosystem, to build a comprehensive combination of people, process and technology

Our solution

The start of any transformation program needs a clear and committed Target Operating Model. Also agile transformation approaches need a 'north star' to direct, prioritize and focus their capability building. Organizations that successfully build a future-proof organization dare to take a step back and put capabilities central in designing the new organization. Executives that build awareness of how capabilities need to evolve across the business are better positioned to justify focus on the important few. Deloitte's Enterprise Model Design approach realises this challenge.


Leonne Jongejan

Leonne Jongejan

Senior Manager

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