Finance Strategy

When the stakes are high, incremental change may not be enough. It may be time for a change in direction. Whether you’re navigating regulatory changes, managing through a crisis, going public, or experiencing some other major shift, we help put in place finance strategies that are built with business results in mind. Our offerings include: Finance strategy Capital management IPO (Day 1) readiness Events and turnarounds

Your Challenge

Today's companies increasingly have to deal with impactful and successive strategic business changes, such as M&A activities, divestitures, radical innovations, cost reductions and ongoing globalization.

All of these impact the Finance function: in the way it is organized, how it's processes should be executed and which technology infrastructure is required to support their execution. Last, but not least, Finance professionals are required to develop different skills, especially in the field of data analytics and business partnering.

CFOs need to move quickly to jumpstart evolution of their finance function… are you ready?

Why Deloitte

Deloitte is recognized as a global leader in Finance Transformation, based on our deep experience, innovative approaches and broad capabilities within our practice group.

To meet the upcoming challenges and business needs and to make your Finance function fit for the future following major actions should be considered:

  1. Understand business needs: Identify the requirements of your internal and external customers and seek opportunities to further improve
  2. Review and refresh your Finance Strategy: Develop your Finance vision, involve and commit your organization and communicate across the organization
  3. Refine your Finance Operating Model: Evaluate and determine service delivery options and service collaboration models
  4. Mobilize for implementation: Set up Finance Strategy and Execution Office with dedicated resources and the right skills
  5. Think ahead and ensure sustainability: Continuously monitor business changes and trends and adjust your strategy accordingly

Our Solution

Going through Deloitte's Finance Strategy Cycle, benefits our clients in many ways:

  • Defined a clear picture of where Finance wants to go and where not to...
  • Clarified the change initiatives that needs to be implemented to get there
  • Developed an actionable finance transformation roadmap that prioritizes and plan the change initiatives
  • An easy way to understand and communicate where the finance function is heading
  • Build on insights from business context, stakeholders expectations and own performance and capabilities
  • Pushing finance people closer and closer to business decision-makers
  • An innovative transformation, from a content as well as a process perspective
  • Ensure integration of worldwide practices
  • Focus on opportunities to create value


Frank Geelen

Frank Geelen


Frank Geelen is Deloitte EMEA Lead Partner Finance Transformation & CFO Program Lead Deloitte The Netherlands. He supports CFOs with the development of their finance strategy, improving the finance fu... Meer

Peter Meijer

Peter Meijer


Mijn naam is Peter Meijer, Director in de Nederlandse consulting praktijk, met 25 jaar ervaring in de advisering. Ik geef leiding aan de Finance Transformation (FT) praktijk van Deloitte, bestaande ui... Meer

Joris Zeijlemaker

Joris Zeijlemaker

Senior Manager

Ik ben sinds 2007 werkzaam bij Deloitte Consulting en maak deel uit van CFO Services binnen onze Strategy & Operations praktijk. Binnen CFO Services ben ik verantwoordelijk voor de Finance Strategy pr... Meer