Healthcare Provider Performance Improvement

Health care providers around the globe are challenged to meet patient needs while remaining viable in a business sense.   Deloitte’s Health Care Provider Performance Improvement practice works with providers to enhance their profitability, productivity, business capabilities, and performance. We focus on business model configuration, process engineering, and organizational design to help you generate measurable and reportable returns on investments.

Your Challenge

Which is more impactful to an athlete’s success: training or will to win? Clearly it’s the combination of both. With the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) major provisions taking effect in 2014, health care provider organizations are being challenged in new ways to enhance performance—for each patient and for the organization. Given lower reimbursement rates across the board, dramatically increased administrative requirements, and the anticipated flood of new patients, provider performance will require a potent combination of operational transformation and focused leadership aimed at providing quality care at reduced costs.

Why Deloitte

Performance driven

Deloitte’s Provider Performance Improvement practice works with administrators and clinicians in their efforts to reduce operating costs, improve margins, and still deliver quality care. Our focus is on helping providers create sustained operational excellence through transformative changes to their infrastructure. With experienced clinicians on staff—specialists who have helped leading hospitals and health care systems transform their operations—we apply effective practices, tools, and training to help our clients elevate the delivery of cost-effective patient care and help make the operational changes stick.

Our Solution

Provider Performance Improvement services

  • Margin improvement – identifying ways to reduce operating costs and improve process efficiencies.
  • Clinical effectiveness – redesigning clinical care in concert with providers to reduce unnecessary variation and cost and improve outcomes utilizing evidence-based methods.
  • Physician enterprise and ambulatory services – whether the driving force is clinical integration, market share growth, or both, enhancing investments in physician relationships and ambulatory services, as well as improving operational and financial performance within the physician and ambulatory enterprise is an integral component of a health system’s overall margin improvement portfolio. Powered by our Network Insight guided analytics tool, we can answer whether your health system has the right physicians and services, in the right locations, with the right performance. Our services focus on top of mind issues to achieve measurable impact related to practice and ambulatory performance improvement, ambulatory footprint, physician compensation and contracting, network development, patient retention and physician loyalty, and the physician and ambulatory enterprise operating model and decision rights.
  • Shared services design and implementation – reducing operating costs and streamlining operational performance through the consolidation of back-office operations, such as supply chain, human resources, finance, and information technology.


Rogier van Hulten

Rogier van Hulten

Senior Manager

Rogier van Hulten is a Senior Manager Healthcare Operations at Deloitte Consulting's Strategy and Operations practice.  He has over 12 years experience in developing and implementing operational impro... Meer