Integration Strategy & Execution

Preparations made prior to closing an M&A deal are just the beginning. Execution — fulfilling strategic expectations for the deal — is where shareholder value is ultimately generated.   Deloitte’s Integration Strategy & Execution practice help organizations define the pace and degree of integration that will take place once an acquisition or merger occurs. This includes deal success and measurement criteria, building a communication strategy into the integration plan, integrating and retaining key personnel, building tactical plans for the first 100 days, and transitioning into the post-merger environment. Post-Day 1 is the start of the new organization and begins the work of implementing the combined organization structure and work processes.

Your Challenge

Deal-making is hard, but integrating businesses is even harder. If companies do not invest the right amount of resources, the process can drag on for months after the transaction closes. Capturing the value of the deal is a balancing act that requires close attention to management, employees, customers, and shareholders.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte M&A specialists have the insight and experience to advise corporate and private equity investors through each stage of the merger and acquisition process. We help clients develop appropriate growth strategies based on their goals, so they are prepared to capitalise on opportunities during the merger, or acquisition. From M&A strategy definition to integration execution, we support our clients to structure their decision making process and achieve their unique growth objectives.

Deloitte is recognised as the leader in M&A services globally. This recognition confirms what many clients already know: We make an impact that matters!

What we bring to the table:

  • Over 7,500 M&A specialists globally
  • In-depth industry knowledge and deep experience in complex and precedent-setting transactions
  • Involved in half of the 20 largest private equity deals in history
  • Advised clients on more than 2,500 merger integration engagements
  • Methodologies and tools developed to meet industry standard

Our Solution

Integration strategy and execution involves additional challenges, including managing costs, tracking timelines and minimising disruptions to business as usual. We help our clients to reach their planned integration goals (interim and end-state planning) to be better prepared for Day One and beyond.

Services include:

  • Integration planning and support
  • Day one readiness
  • Transitional Service Agreements (TSA) management
  • Integration programme mobilisation
  • Synergy identification and capture support
  • Integration and Transformation Support
  • Change management and Communication needs


Erik Nanninga

Erik Nanninga


Erik is member of the Executive Committee and the Managing Partner for Deloitte Consulting in the Netherlands. As a Consulting partner Erik gained significant experience in Consumer Business, leading ... Meer

David Janmaat

David Janmaat


Binnen Deloitte Consulting ben ik verantwoordelijk voor onze M&A advisering. Ons team van specialisten begeleidt organisaties in complexe integratie- en ontvlechtingsvraagstukken. Bij beide type trans... Meer

Jasper de Grauw

Jasper de Grauw


Jasper begint in 1992 bij de Audit praktijk van PwC. In 1999 stapt hij over naar Transaction Services waar hij vanaf 2001 zich specialiseert in post merger integration en complexe ontvlechtingsvraagst... Meer