Logistics & Distribution

As intricate as a spider’s web, logistics and distribution networks are highly complex, making the movement of products and materials from point to point on a global scale a significant challenge for many companies.   Deloitte’s Logistics & Distribution practice works with organizations to determine the most effective strategy and practices for moving the required product to the required place at the required time.  We help address issues such as distribution network strategy, logistics outsourcing strategy, sourcing of third-party logistics (3PL) service providers, logistics operating model, transport optimization, distribution operations and facility design, order to cash process optimization and transportation management systems.

Your Challenge

Increasing customer requirements continuously drive down lead-times and increase pressure on the supply chain. Next to that, making the supply chain more sustainable by taking into account the return flow of goods is becoming the norm, further complicating the distribution of goods. At the same time, profit margins are under pressure due to increased competition. Companies have limited insight in the actual cost of shipping goods and serving customers, use distribution networks that were never optimized for the task, and have limited insight in which activities are core activities and which could benefit from outsourcing. This is where Deloitte’s Logistics & Distribution practice can help to turn these challenges into competitive advantages.

Why Deloitte

We have extensive experience, both nationally as well as internationally, helping clients to improve all aspects of their logistics and distribution operations. Together with clients we have successfully analyzed and optimized the core logistic activities, while reducing cost by outsourcing generic processes. When addressing our client’s logistics process, we always do so by linking it to our client’s overall supply chain and corporate strategy.

Our solution

Deloitte’s Logistics & Distribution practice offers a wide variety of solutions and approaches to address challenges in every step of a client’s supply chain.

Distribution network optimization – We provide clients with an integrated solution of improving logistics activities, increasing asset utilization and enhancing customer service through strategic alignment and optimization of network flows

Logistics (out)sourcing and partnering – We help clients to determine the optimum level of outsourcing logistics activities such as transportation and warehousing, and support in selecting, contracting, and partnering with Logistics Service Providers (LSPs)

Logistics diagnostics – We evaluate the current maturity of an organization’s logistics and help to align improvement initiatives to the business strategy to achieve targeted performance enhancements

Transportation optimization – We provide clients insight in their current transportation cost and performance (cost-to-serve), and help identify and implement improvement initiatives such as using modal split, route optimization

Warehouse design and operations – We help clients in making their warehouse activities both effective as well as efficient by determining optimal warehouse locations, layout, and processes

Logistics operating model – Together with clients, we answer the question of what logistics functions and capabilities should be shared, how functions should be configured in size and budget, and where logistics operations should be performed and by whom

Sustainable logistics – We help clients in addressing topics such as closed-loop/circular supply chains and minimizing emissions by reducing volume, miles, and fuel consumption

Order-to-invoice optimization – We support clients in designing and optimizing the end-to-end process from order receipt to customer invoicing

Logistics systems – We help clients in the selection and implementation of logistics systems such as transport and warehouse management systems as enablers of optimized logistics operations


Jurgen Hoppenbrouwers

Jurgen Hoppenbrouwers


Jurgen Hoppenbrouwers is Director at Deloitte Consulting and leads Deloitte’s global Logistics & Distribution practice. He has over 25 year experience in Supply Chain Management and is specialized in ... Meer