Operational Finance

The finance organization is only as strong as its foundation. That’s why we’ve built a practice that excels in its focus on core operational processes such as order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, and more—foundational elements for enabling top-line business strategies. Our offerings include: Order to cash Procure to pay Fixed assets Close, consolidate, and report Shared services design and implementation Outsourcing design and implementation

Your Challenge

The new digital environment requires new perspectives on how to design your Finance Function. Reducing operational costs on the one hand and keeping up with developments like Robotics, in-memory computing and Blockchain on the other hand requires an open mind for improvements and new technologies. Finance in a digital environment needs to change critical elements like creating insights from increasing volumes of data and think about required talent and their capabilities. Focus on IT and analytic skills with regard to operational financial processes becomes more and more important. This requires a different organizational model. Deloitte can guide you through this complex world thanks to many years of experience, a global network and partnership with third party vendors and experts, closely following the latest developments.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte’s market-leading Finance Transformation practice helps CFOs and their Finance teams drive business performance and shareholder value, while improving operational effectiveness and efficiency within the Finance organization.

  • Delivering some of the largest and highest profile transformation programs and focusing on addressing the key issues facing CFOs from a strategic, performance and profitability perspective
  • Focusing on core operational processes such as Order-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay and Record-to-Report and other foundational elements for enabling top-line business strategies.
  • Combining Industry specific knowledge and a cross-functional network of professionals to offer an organization wide solution
  • Working closely with leading technology vendors (e.g. invoicing platforms and open networks)
  • Focusing on end-to-end enterprise process improvement to unlock value between and within different departments
  • A proven track record in developing leading edge solutions. Due to the complexity of the processes, our mix of depth and breadth in capabilities and insights is crucial to success.

Our Solution

Organizations will benefit through a number of ways:

  • End-to-end process improvement through elimination, simplification and standardization of activities as well as the use of new technologies to automate processes
  • Focusing on the right capabilities of finance talents and helping the organization to transform the Finance Organization through continuous learning and improvements
  • Monitor process performance with continuous monitoring solutions
  • Reduce time spent on financial and management reports preparation and obtain better understanding of spend behavior, supplier performance and compliance visibility through data analytics (first time right principle)
  • An efficient and flexible finance department with better service to the organization
  • A Finance function ready for a digital future.


Konstantinos Georgakis

Konstantinos Georgakis

Senior Manager

Konstantinos is Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting and works in the Finance domain of Deloitte's Strategy & Operations practice in the Netherlands. He has over 12 years working experience ultimatel... Meer