Service Delivery Model Design

Form follows function — the way your finance organization is structured should directly reflect and support its role in the business. Many finance organizations across various industries are being asked to provide more insights and proactive decision support while reducing costs. The order of the day seems to be do more with less, leading many finance leaders to seek new operating models to tackle the dynamic marketplace. Deloitte’ Finance Operating Model offering focuses on developing a more effective and efficient model for finance operations. Our services encompass: Operating Model Design Shared Services Design & Implementation Outsourcing Design & Implementation Organization Design

Your Challenge

Over the past years CFOs and directors of SSC's have been challenged to build an operating model that rein in costs and improve the value of Finance. Developing the optimal finance Service Delivery Model (SDM) presents a number of challenges for the CFO:

  • Drive tangible and timely value to the organization
  • Increase its circle of influence and be a solid business partner
  • Addressing talent acquisition and retention challenges while demanding a cost effective organization
  • Retain a sustainable controls environment
  • Incorporate new technologies in processes and systems to improve overall performance

Why Deloitte

Deloitte’s SDM approach is a proven step by step methodology leveraging the latest trends in the market, a comprehensive set of tools and deliverables, coupled with Deloitte's ability to bring diverse financial, regulatory and change management skill-sets in an integrated fashion.


The Deloitte Service Delivery Model approach:

  • Articulates the Finance catalog of Services
  • Determines the level of standardization and opportunities to Robotize activities
  • Identifies proximity to stakeholders and location in which these services need to be performed (incl. SSC, Outsourcing)
  • Identifies the capabilities required to perform these services
  • Outlines how the execution of these services will be governed
  • Gives guidens for a succesfull journey
  • Is scalable depending on specific client needs

Our Solution

There are a vast number of benefits a SDM Design transformation brings. Whether you want to position for service and growth, standardize and robotize processes, introduce new technologies, or reduce costs, our Service Delivery Model approach will support realize these objectives.


Examples of Benefits:

  • Service Delivery Model Design that enables the overall business strategy
  • Standardized financial processes delivered out of optimal location
  • Increased scalability and optimized labor spend
  • Expanded capacity for higher value activities
  • Transparent roles, responsibilities and decision rights
  • Audit efficiency due to standardized and centralized / automated services
  • Freeing up capacity to become a better business partner


Yvonne Daas

Yvonne Daas


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Edwin Jong

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Khanya Pilane

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