Supply Chain Planning

Effectively integrating your supply chain’s many parts in alignment with your organization’s financial plan, can contribute significantly to improvements in financial performance and market competitiveness.   Deloitte’s Supply Chain Planning practice helps you effectively manage and synchronize customer demand, supply chain assets, and working capital to drive and deliver improvements in customer service levels, supply chain costs, and working capital. We assist organizations with end-to-end supply chain planning vision definition, process development, supply chain flexibility, service/repair planning, system implementations, performance metrics, analytics, organization design, and change management.

Your challenge

Companies without strong planning processes, processes that are integrated across the end-to-end supply chain, take four to six months longer to sense shifts in demand, adjust product portfolio, and respond with appropriate inventory strategies, resulting in lost sales, increased costs, lower profits, and higher working capital. Despite the developments in the supply chain planning area, Business Directors are still facing situations where each function looks at their own unique plan with its own lens, and not reconciling them nor doing scenario analyses to predict financial impact to the organization. Lack of discipline and demonstrated capability in combination with legacy systems limit organizations to reap all the benefits of integrated supply chain planning (IBP). Though, there are more reasons why supply chain planning processes are not (yet) efficient and truly integrated:

  • Unclear objectives and lack of a clearly communicated vision
  • No “market pulse” with missed opportunities; inconsistent data across functions; too many numbers too little insights; limited scenario analysis
  • No single person responsible for a unified planning approach; across functions: lack of discipline and inconsistent reporting templates, calendars, and approaches
  • Limited capabilities, inability to manage data to drive real-time insights
  • People trained to report; poor decision-making ability/transactional view; “gamesmanship" in the forecasting process/numbers
  • Misaligned incentives, forcing functions to sub optimize decisions and pull in opposing directions; unrealistic targets set

Why Deloitte

We have strong capabilities and many years of experience to bring your end-to-end supply chain planning processes to the next level, together with you:

  • We are leading new thinking on Sales/Demand Forecasting, Financial Planning & Budgeting, Production Planning & Scheduling, and Distribution Planning across different industries and bring the latest process and technology expertise
  • We have designed and implemented supply chain planning processes that are fit-for-purpose and future-proof many times in multiple industries and understand why these processes have historically failed to reach maturity. We have a unique approach to be successful
  • We understand the challenges associated with data and systems, and bring broad and deep expertise in both leveraging current systems, and also deploying new technology
  • We accelerate time to benefit with an established, cross-industry toolkit to integrate benchmarks, tools and accelerators, training materials, dashboards, and leading-practice “playbooks".

Our solution

We have the methods, tools, and technology to make an impact that matters, from the assessment of your
end-to-end supply chain planning processes to inventory optimization:

  • Assessment – we use our detailed Global Maturity Model, incl. process maturity descriptions, questionnaires, KPI data requirements, and benchmarks to quickly turn insights into a concrete set of recommendations
  • Vision and Strategy – we apply our thought leadership and cross-functional expertise to support you in defining a cross-functionally aligned Supply Chain Planning vision and strategy that is crisp, focused, and ambitious, though realistic. We will help you in building the case for action based on in-depth quantitative analysis combined with the performance improvements we realized in previous engagements
  • Integrated Business Planning process development and optimization – we use our in-depth knowledge of the levers that need to be pulled to improve the effectiveness and efficient of your IBP and underlying supply chain planning processes: harmonized data structures, clear roles & responsibilites, KPI selection, definition and reporting, srt-up of monthly planning cycles. We use our insights in latest technology to ensure you leverage the right technology to solve your challenges
  • Inventory Optimization – we have proven Advanced Analytics tools and capabilities to quickly assess inventory performance and optimize your network of storage locations and replenishment policies accordingly.