Transformation Program Integration


Transformation Program Integration

Transforming your organization to achieve its desired business and operating model is a complex process of maximizing positive transition while minimizing negative disruption. Deloitte’s Transformation Program Integration practice helps organizations orchestrate the many elements of a large, multifaceted transformation program. This program may include a variety of different projects, such as designing a new operating model, implementing shared services, leveraging new sourcing options, enterprise resource planning, devising talent programs, or any of a number of other components. We bring together specialty resources within Deloitte, such as tax, financial advisory, and enterprise risk services, to provide a coordinated, comprehensive approach.  We offer a big-picture perspective to your C-suite; provide critical decision-making, risk management, and resource tools with specific industry focus to help you navigate the journey; and chart a course for the least resistance, cost, and delay in accomplishing your objectives.

Your Challenge

Facing challenges with managing the fundamental changes in your business? Across industries, changing customer, competitive and regulatory environments are challenging you to change how you do business. These large, enterprise wide transformations, with a high risk profile, and necessity to being realized quickly, ask for experience and decisiveness with focus on concrete results.

Why Deloitte

  • End-to-end ownership: Guiding the organization from strategy to execution
  • Managing complexity: Navigating through complexity, while keeping high quality standards
  • Integrative approach: Understanding and managing all necessary capabilities
  • Execution power: Breaking through the walls of resistance
  • Industry grounded: Based on deep and relevant industry knowledge

Our solution

As 'Master Builder' Transformation Program Integration acts as the general contractor to overseeing the design and leading the complex transition program that helps an organization achieve its desired business and operating model.


Wouter Koot

Wouter Koot


I am part of the leadership of the Enterprise Model Design team within Strategy & Operations of Consulting. My projects cover the biggest and most complex transformations, predominantly in the banking... Meer